The Post of Laziness~~

When it comes to Facebook, I'll definitely be one of those who LOG IN EVERY SINGLE DAY! But when it comes to blogging, I SUCK! Why? Coz I can easily forget that I even had not one, but TWO BLOGS!

Yeah, you read right.. I have two of them.. One is this, the other is for my so-called short novel (which is still not finished). Want to read it? Click here..

So, here I am, babbling again doing God-knows-what... haha.. Anyway, I actually said that I would update more on my trip that I went to during Easter break. Well, here goes..

1) Dunedin-Christchurch

I'm not exactly sure how to put this in words, but the view was SPECTACULAR! Especially when I went to the Moeraki Boulders and Oamaru... hmm.. I can't even describe it in words... You really have to come and see it on your own!

2) Christchurch

The aftermath really made me silent for almost the whole day. Seeing all the rubble and cracked roads and buildings made me realize that it could have happened at Dunedin where I was.. Made me cry that night on my way to Wellington...

3) Wellington (Welly)

Now this is where the fun starts, I guess.. Met some more new people and also a fellow TESLian friend in VUW! hehehe... Also, went to some interesting places around Wellington (although not very much to see). Rented a car and drove to our next destination in the evening..

4) Palmerston North (Palmy)
Second destination in North Island... Had fun at the wind farm, looking at the wind turbines... They are so big, I was afraid they might fall and crack me head open! haha.. Anyway, it was raining so we didn't get much photographs... Onto the next destination!

5) Taupo & Rotorua

Went to see one of the biggest lakes ever! Also went to Huka Falls which was SO AMAZING!!! Won't say much about this, though... Except for Rotorua... We had fun riding the Luge!!! EVEN IN THE RAIN!!! hahahaha~~ We were so crazy that time, we didn't care about the rain! LOL

6) Napier, Hastings, Welly, Christchurch

This is, by far one of the longest trips I've ever had. In one day, I travelled from Napier all the way to Christchurch non-stop! The only stop we had was waiting for our flight which was delayed for like 3 hours! Anyway, we had fun flying back to Christchurch and thank God, we safely arrived because Taupo blacked out the night before due to harsh winds and storm.

7) Christchurch-Dunedin

The route back is pretty much the same but we stopped by Timaru. We didn't went through Timaru when we were heading for Christchurch. It was a very nice trip!

Well, enough said... Pictures are as you can see above.. Sorry there's not much! Exam's coming on Monday so WISH ME LUCK!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin