Holiday Activities...

Holidays have arrived once again (even though it has arrived for quite some time already)... Still, I kind of hate it when it comes to holidays. Even though we are with our dear family, the activities that we planned to do will be disturbed or cancelled due to the commitments that our parents have...

Take me, for instance. My father's a navy and when it comes to holidays, he'll still be working Mondays to Fridays. So, that leaves me, my mother and my siblings. And my mother is the one kind who hardly takes us to go out just for fun. Only my brother does that, and even that needs him to be 'in the mood' because being in a house with a fast-speed internet connection, he hardly leaves home. We will only go to the Pernama building (inside the base) to play bowling and sometimes to Sitiawan to the cinema. Other than that, home is our lair to actually do almost EVERYTHING.

For me, I'll either surf the Internet, or read my novels. And trust me, being in a neighbourhood without ANY CLOSE FRIENDS, one will actually stay in the house unless forced to go out. That's happening to me now... My dear old friends are all in Parit Buntar and Perlis and since I'm in Lumut, I have NO ONE TO GO OUT WITH apart from my siblings..

So, a little reminder to my readers, when it comes to holidays, try and spend A LOT OF TIME outdoors... Especially with friends & family...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Down Memory Lane...

Hmm... Been a while since the last time I updated my blog, isn't it? And to be honest, I can't seem to actually put my fingers on what to write anymore. Not that I don't have any stories to share, it's just that when it comes to writing something for others to actually read, it seems hard to make it interesting.. With few English vocabularies, one can never actually describe with bombastic words (and I know some of you will actually say "No need to be bombastic, just tell how you feel."). Again, this is where I'll go blank.

I'm one of those people who never express true feelings to others. Even when I'm having a major problem, I'll always smile and pretend that nothing's wrong (which is hard). And trust me, that's is even harder to do.

Earlier today, my friends and I had filled accommodation forms for our studies in University of Otago next year. While filling in those forms, it brings me back to those days when I was in Paris visiting my parents. And now, here I am, looking back on my experiences. Bearing in mind that I am leaving my family soon, it feels a bit sad. Even though I'm used to being apart with my family, this will be the first time that I'm going away while the rest of them stays.

Now that I'm looking back, there are two ways to actually do this: from the beginning till now; and from now, and goes back in time until the beginning. And trust me, I can never decide on which way to use. So, I'll use both ways. I'll look back through time by linking the events together, regardless of when it happened.

Where shall I start? TESL Gala 2010? That was fun. In fact, it was the BEST night I've ever had in my life! Our theme that time was "True Colours" that makes us show who we really are. And guess what? I dressed as the MAD HATTER! I think most of my friends know how ANNOYING I am now. And hyperactive. I said that I'm always smiling, right? Like there's nothing happening. Well, that's why. I don't want people to know, and I also want others to be happy always. There's a saying, "Every dark cloud has a silver lining." I always hold on to that. Until now. And I also hold on to a quote by Ellen DeGeneres saying "Silence is Golden" which is the exact opposite of who I really am.

Which brings me back a little bit to our Biro Tatanegara (BTN) camp that we had last week. We had an activity where we have to write a letter to our parents, telling them what we have always wanted to say. And truth be told, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY. Because to be honest, being apart from them has taught me how to live on my own.So when the facilitator said that we have to write a letter to our parents, I was dumb-struck. And I actually cried that night. A LOT. Even my friend Shah cried along with me when he saw me crying. Why did I cry? I hardly contact my parents. Even when I do, I won't be able to keep the conversation for a long time. And sometimes, they are busy, being in their profession as a navy and a teacher, they both have their own commitments and jobs. Which leaves me alone and, to me, it feels like I'm actually forgotten.

Which brings me to my birthday. This year, for the 3rd time, only a few wished me verbally. My family? Thanks to the technology we have now, only texts are the replacements of their voices singing "Happy Birthday" to me. And that's only my mother and my siblings. Aunts? Uncles? Cousins? No answer to that. What more with Facebook! Wall posts kept coming like a clown car! And there's no way to stop them! Except when the day's over, that is. And that is because I've decided to show my birth date on my profile. What if I didn't? Would they still remember my birthday?

When it comes to celebration, this brings me to the most recent gathering that we had (apart from TESL Gala), which is the Hari Raya Gathering. The gathering was held for 2 major reasons: to celebrate Hari Raya, Moon Cake Festival, Gawai Kaamatan and the upcoming Deepavali at the time and also to welcome our beloved TESL babies of the June 2010 intake. And what a blast we had! And I'm so sorry that I can't provide any pictures for this particular post because truth be told, I didn't have the time to actually take pictures. And when it comes to pictures, as always, I won't be in them. Why? That's because I'm the one taking the pictures, and nobody offered to take a picture of me... Sounds sad?

Not as sad as missing the opportunities to explore the place that you've been living in for the past two years. I'm not one to actually say bad things about my friends; I love them very much. But when it comes to organizing a visit to a certain interesting place in Sarawak (preferably near to Kuching), no one invited me along. I've never been to Cultural Village Sarawak where all of Sarawak's unique culture are under one roof, I've never been to Serikin which is the place to shop for cheap clothings, and I've never been to Bako National Park where nature is breathtaking. The only places in Kuching that I've been to are The Spring, Boulevard, India Street, Waterfront, Wisma Satok, and not forgetting Wisma Saberkas. Oh, and also Matang Wildlife Centre (thanks to the KPLI January 2009 intake). Other than that? Just Saratok for our Leadership Camp and Miri for our JPP Leadership course. Even that is actually because I was one of the JPP last year.

And ever since foundation year, I feel like I'm always remembered when people need my help. And being one of those persons who never say 'no' unless I have other commitments, people seem to be coming to me whenever they need help. Even when it is clear that they have nothing else to do, or they can do it themselves. Why ask for help when you can do it yourself?

One of my cohort friends asked me one time, "Why do you always go out with people who are not from your class?" My answer? Simple. "Why didn't they invite me along?" Even when I go out with others, it is because I wanted to go there and going with them gives me the opportunity to actually go there on a transport that is cheap and fast. Why wait for people to invite you when they always forget? And when I say "I've never been there," they would say "Oh, you've missed the chance of a lifetime!" Of course I missed it. NO ONE WANTED TO TAKE ME ALONG!

Okay, I've burden you all A LOT with my problems now. Trust me, it was unconsciously done because I just type what's going on in my mind. And trust me, this isn't half of it. There's more to it.

So, a quick reminder to everyone who reads my blog, NEVER FORGET YOUR FRIENDS; even if they always forget you.

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Independence Day, Aidilfitri, Malaysia Day - Where's the Fun?

Don't get me wrong, but it's the truth.. At least, for me..

Reflecting back to someone's quote on Facebook last night (I won't say who), I think it's true... People nowadays don't really celebrate Independence Day like they used to back then. Independence Day is the most crucial celebration here in our country. It is celebrated by EVERYONE in Malaysia, regardless of race and religion, and yet, very few wants to celebrate it with pride and joy? What's wrong??

Okay, out with the Independence Day, in with Aidilfitri... Somehow, I don't find celebrating this particular event as happening as before. Of course the Duit Raya tradition is still being kept alive, but now I don't find this interesting. Money will come and go, as always... And, there's no fun anymore because there's not much to talk about once you visit someone. Awkward silence will come and go.. And it's always like we are waiting for the other party to break the silence... I wonder...

Ah, I'm babbling again... Huhu.. Sorry for making you all read this rather depressing entry... Hihihi...

Anyway, to all Muslims out there, I wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin... And to all Malaysians, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!! MERDEKA!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

A Tribute to Friends - Part 2

Hmm... Here's part two... I know that I've promised to write about 4 friends here, but now I can't seem to put my fingers on the other 3, because basically, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOOD PEOPLE!

Huh, where to start, ek? I wonder...

1) Zariq
Well, this particular person is already mentioned in my previous entry... So, what else is there to write??

2) Felicity
Hah! This is the ONE person apart from my lecturers who dares enough to come face-to-face and tell me about my weaknesses. I still remember what she actually told me:

"Hafiz, you shouldn't use your group members to do your job for you.. You must contribute as well."
Well, Felis, thanks to you, I've learnt my lesson! Truth be told, I actually did my work that time (I'm sure you know when) and, I didn't share it because I didn't include examples, which I know Mrs. Lim would be furious at! Huhu.. (Correct my grammar if it's wrong anywhere.. hehehe) Oh, and she's also very good in making sure we are behaving in a very good manner, although some might find it a bit annoying.. Thanks, Felis!

3) Zai Qurratu 'Ainie
Hah, this particular sister... I'm not really sure what to talk about this particular person... Apart from being a very good listener and advisor, her special talent is FASHION! Hehe.. Zariq, this doesn't mean I'm not looking up to you! Hehe... She's a person who follows fashion and ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE with it.. She even keeps us up-to-date with fashion! Hehe... Because of her (and Zariq, of course!), I know what to where and HOW to wear those clothes... Hehehe... Oh, did I mention she also provided me with some TV series before? Well, that was before my Internet connection got slow.. Hehehe...

4) Barbara Jane
Now, this is a girl that any guy would be lucky to have as a girlfriend... Wanna know why? She's very kind, very attractive, and she's caring! She's always there for me whenever I'm down (it's not just Zariq who really care about my feelings =p) and she's also very helpful.. She's saved my butt a lot of times before... And, she's a very good listener too! She never judge people and she's one who keeps a secret really well.. If I can't tell Zariq about it, Jane is my shoulder to cry on... Jane, thanks for being there for me.. I'll always do the same for you!

Well, more to come tomorrow (or some time in the future).. But for now, these four are on my top list as VERY GOOD FRIENDS! Zariq, Felicity, Zai, Jane, I THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

A Tribute to Friends - Part 1

Well, I've been beaten up thinking of what to write (or blog) about here. Well, truth be told, this holiday has again been one of the most memorable holidays ever. My family and I spent some time together in the past 2 weeks.. Photos will be on my Facebook page. But now, let's focus on the main title of this post..

Why a tribute? Well, since I've been living in Kuching alone for 2 years now, friends are the closest thing I've got to family. I love them very much. But, there are few who made it to my top list. I'll be writing about 4 friends here. So, there'll be 4 parts of this blog. More coming up!

Who's on top? Haha.. Jeng jeng jeng!!

His name's Zariq Farhan... He's from the town of Semenyih, Selangor.. Why is he on top?? There are a few reasons why...

1) A Good Friend
For someone like me, Zariq understands me a lot.. And I mean A LOT! I'm pretty much of a loner back in Kuching, so he always asks me if I want to go out (and usually, I just tag along). Even though he sometimes didn't invite me (and I know for sure why), whenever I need him, he's always ready to help me (if he's not busy, that is).

He is a person of great talents & has a very unique attitude and personality. He's very friendly, funny, likes to gossip, and sometimes very spontaneous. For someone like Zariq, he sure knows how to keep secrets.. He even keeps some from me! Haha.. Zariq, you understand me too well!

2) A Great Leader
Now, I can't really brag about this part of Zariq.. Because you have to see it for yourself! When given a task, Zariq always did it in a way that most people doesn't expect him to do. Sometimes, it seems like it is out of his hands! And whenever he needs help, he always gets it easily... Why? Go back to point 1 on the part "very friendly" and you got it! You see, Zariq really knows how to kick start a conversation that would seem never-ending! How do you think he's got a huge number of friends! I don't even know how many he's got! Okay, that's out of the point.. Leader, now that's the point I'm trying to talk about.. Gosh! Anyway, Zariq always lead his group in his own, funny & strict way. He's very serious about his work, very concern about the people in his group. He always ask his group members about the task at hand. And that's why sometimes, his group has the BEST TEAMWORK ever! I'm not kidding! You can ask a lot of people in our campus and they'll tell you the same thing..

Well, most of the points I want to talk about are already in the two points above.. So, basically, Zariq is a very nice person, a very good brother, and a great friend to have. Anyway, Zariq, this post is definitely for you.. I can't stop myself from writing more about you, but I know you don't really like babbling or bragging..


With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Why Do People Always Think of Themselves?

I don't really want to talk much right here (technically because this is not my computer AND I'm not in the right place and position to say this) but I think it's time that people should realize something.


Why do I say that? Well, after seeing a few incidents in the past few days (I can't really describe here, though), I must admit that people nowadays are growing more and more selfish by the minute!

I mean, seriously, if you are living in a hostel, shouldn't you be aware that there are others who are sharing the space with you? Using the same appliances that are provided there? Is it really THAT HARD to flush the toilet??

Is it really THAT HARD to just abide by the rules and regulations? Should we break it just because we always do that when we are home?

I can't believe that these people (SO CALLED PEOPLE) are totally ignoring these rule-breakers and just ignore the power that they have JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING!

Don't ask me why... Just reflect back and think.. What have you done to help or make others happy? What have you sacrificed to achieve it? Think, people, THINK!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: Listen to the song "Sweet People" by Alyosha, Ukraine's entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2010..

Where Is The Love?

People always say: Love is important. We can't live without love.

My question to you: Is this true?

Be sure to answer this question after you read this entry...

HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE THE EARTH? Earth Day was last week (22nd April). How much did we do to save the Earth? Or better yet, HOW MUCH HAVE WE DONE TO DESTROY IT? I can bet if we were to put side to side HOW MUCH HAVE WE DONE TO SAVE EARTH and HOW MUCH HAVE WE DONE TO DESTROY IT, the DESTROY part would be much more than SAVE. Is this LOVE?

HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE EACH OTHER? Enough to leave babies on the side of the road? Enough to just look at sick people on the street and NOT OFFER ANY HELP? Enough to START A WAR AND NEVER STOP IT? Look back in your life and tell me HOW MUCH HAVE WE DONE TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE EACH OTHER...

So, people, I am writing here to make you all (including me) think back. Think what would have happened if we were the ones on the receiving side.

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Facebook - Do You Know What It Means?

We all (well, MOST OF US anyway) use Facebook to communicate right? Be it with friends, lovers, ENEMIES, we communicate with everyone through Facebook...

No more I LOVE YOU through texting (well, some still use the phone..)...

No more BIRTHDAY CARDS and BIRTHDAY WISHES through phone calls, mails, and text...

No more WHEN'S THE ASSIGNMENT'S DUE DATE? through email and phone...

Now, we have the convenience of Facebook...

But, do you realize what Facebook is telling us to do EACH TIME WE LOG IN??


So, if you are facing your Facebook wall, replying comments or playing FarmVille, Cafe World, Restaurant City and all those sorts you usually do on Facebook, STOP IT!!

Go and study!! Read something!!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Where's the 1Malaysia??

Do you know what it feels like when you tell someone what to do; they do it but only for a minute?
Well, truth be told, that’s what actually happened here yesterday. One minute, they were like “Okay, we’ll do it.” And the next, the opposite happened.

Gotong-Royong was on yesterday. As always, SOME of us woke up late (example: ME). We gathered at the mosque for a brief introduction from the Head Warden. What to do at the respective hostels and what to do around the campus.
Basically, we were asked to clean up our hostels (including the toilets) for one hour, which is from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. After that, some of us have to help each other in tearing off the roof—and I mean TEARING OFF—of the motorcycle parking space. The wardens wanted to replace the roof with a new one. Well, basically that’s what we did.

Warden: Make sure all is cleaned, shoes to be put on the rack, no rubbish on the corridors, and HELP each other.
The rest: Yes, sir.

Can any one of you guess what happened?

Shoes were on the rack—CHECK
No rubbish on the corridors—CHECK
Help each other—A VERY BIG X!
Call me a racist, but where are all the Chinese students? Where’s the 1Malaysia that our beloved Prime Minister is so proud of? WHERE?

The toilets, who cleaned them? Please la, OK! No offense, but you didn’t even flush the toilets, and you expect US to CLEAN UP YOUR MESS?
Once you are done, FLUSH LA! Or do we need to conduct a course on “HOW TO USE THE TOILET CORRECTLY: FOCUSING ON FLUSHING”?

Shoes... Don’t let me start with this. Warden said put them on the racks. What happened five minutes after that? SHOES ARE ALL OVER THE CORRIDORS. No boots on the banisters... The next minute, they’re back there! THE PLACE TO HANG UP YOUR LAUNDRY IS THERE FOR A REASON. And anyway, there are a lot of other places where you can dry your boots. NOT THE BANISTERS!

I’m done talking here. What’s the point of saying when there’s no action taken?

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Family Oh Family [An Entry of Happiness]

Title sound lame (the end of it, that is)?? Haha.. Anyway, this holiday's been great! Even though it is filled with assignments (which I literally FORGET), I still had fun! Want proof? Here's the list of what I did during the holidays...

1) Play with water
It looks better than it sounds.. We had a lot of fun at Marina Beach Resort playing with water at the water park.. From saltwater to ordinary water, we bathed and bathed and bathed until we were blue! Hehehe... Oh, I forgot to mention that our friends from Paris stopped by, so we actually went there together!! Hehehe...

2) Seafood dinner
Yes, when you come to Lumut, SEAFOOD is a must. Unless you are allergic to it, of course... Anyway, we went to this favourite restaurant of ours; RESTORAN BAKAU 'D' MUARA and we ordered and ordered.. Hehe.. All of them finished! We were so full, we can hardly walk..

3) Bowling
This is the MAJOR reason why we ate so much in the previous activity... We played bowling for about 2 hours and basically, we were pooped! Hehe.. I guess it is a great way to actually release tension as well as exercise. Uncle Ramli was pretty hard on the pins cause what he did was more like THROWING the balls rather than ROLLING them... Hehe..

You guys want more proof? My Facebook account has the pictures... Just go and look for them.. Like most people would say, A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: We have to enjoy even the littlest things in life. We live only once, and once we are dead, WE ARE DEAD.. Take the chance when you see it because that chance might not come back. So, as what Puteri Farah Binti Nordin from the sitcom "Puteri" would say, KITA ENJOY!!!!

Books, Books, Books.. (Entry on How to Waste Your Money)

Weird title, huh? But, this actually happened to me.. Even now!!

Remember that I told you about my reading list? (Click here for more info) Well, that list has increased!!! What am I supposed to do?? Huhu.. Last time was 97 books.. Now, it's about 115 books!!

What new books have I bought??

1) Doctor Who books (5 of them)
2) Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
3) Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
4) Blade of Fire by Stuart Hill (The Icemark Chronicles #2)
5) Hamlet by William Shakespeare
6) The Great Ghost Rescue by Eva Ibbotson
7) Artemis Fowl by Eion Cofler
8) Spellbound (A collection of fantasy short stories)

Well, more to come because I have 4 more books from The 39 Clues series and 4 more books from the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series to buy!!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

What Happens When There's No Money??

Ha, wanna know what happens when there's no money???

Camping has never been more exciting!!! Hehe... Camping inside the campus... Huhu.. Nice??

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Luahan Hati [My First Malay Post]

Sekarang ini, aku berharap sangat sejarah dua tahun lepas (yang terjadi berturut-turut) tak berulang lagi..

Peristiwa tadi mengingatkan aku kepadanya.. Hmm.. Kenapa mesti jadi macam ni?? Perlukah mereka tatap wajahku untuk mengingatinya??

Aku sendiri tak dapat nak jawab persoalan itu.. Sebab apa yang aku tahu, semuanya terjadi kerana kehendak Allah... Apa yang aku boleh buat? Hanya redha dengannya...

Yang benar,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Mistakes Were Made, Promises Were Broken...

Of course, this entry has NOTHING except EVERYTHING to do with the title above...

Like I said, mistakes were made.. I can't say I'm perfect.. EVen I did some mistakes.. Some of them I may never forgive myself for doing it (Zariq, you know this better than I do!!).. So, right here, right now, let me just say this...

I'M SORRY!!!!!

Mom, I'm sorry for not being a good son to you lately.. What have I given you? Worries, anger...

Dad, I'm sorry for wasting your money during my foundation years... It seems that I can't really budget my expenses... So, I hope you can warn me whenever I'm doing it again..

My dearest friends, I'm sorry if I have ever made you all hate me.. I know most of the time, I am annoying (which is true, but I can't help it.. Maybe because of the ADHD..) and for that, you all must hate me to pieces (okay, I may have exaggerated that point). Sometimes, I even made you guys shout at me.. Felis, Mira, you know what I'm talking about..

My beloved seniors, I'm sorry if I had ever made you guys look at me like some kind of kid who doesn't quite know where he is right now.. Hostel life is kinda new to me, and I'm still getting myself used to it.. I hope you can understand...

I don't think I have broken any promises that I've made.. But, if I have, do tell me cause sometimes I tend to forget...

Again everyone, I'm TRUTHFULLY sorry...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: If you see my Facebook profile, I have changed my name back to its original name.. Hehe.. One of my BIGGEST mistakes ever!!

CNY Celebration in Kuching...

Haha! First time celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) in Kuching and it's much grander than in West Malaysia! Huhu.. Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm starting to LOVE Kuching!! Hehe.. Anyway, UPDATES!!

Haiyo... It's not like in West Malaysia.. Over here, fireworks NON-STOP!!! It was like a battlefield (Jordin Spark... Hehe) over here and I just can't sleep!! Huhu.. Remember my last post about reminding me of the ships' horns? Haha.. New year at my hometown was almost like CNY in Kuching.. Just replace the honking ships with non-stop fireworks!

This would be my first time visiting Chinese friends' houses during CNY.. Before this, I didn't do it. Haha.. Lame huh? But, I had so much fun visiting! First house was F's house in Stampin Tengah (is it correct?).. The next day, I (it was only me and the juniors) went to one of my junior's house (A).. Today, 4 HOUSES STRAIGHT!! Mdm. R's house, Mdm. A's house, Mdm. S's house and Dr. C's house.. Huhu... First house, we ate rice with rendang.. Second house, we ate heart-shaped waffles (yummy!!).. Third house was Sugar Bun's BROASTED CHICKENS! And the last house was just the munchy-munchy stuff (crackers, chips, biscuits...).. We were so full! Haha.. Had so much fun!

3) ANG PAU (did I spelled it correctly?)
Huhu.. You would think I got so much Ang Pau?? Truthfully, NO! Haha.. Just from F's house and Mdm. R's house.. Hehe.. But, I don't care about the Ang Pau.. All I can think about is the FUN I have visiting friends and lecturers!! Hehe...

Photos, log on to my Facebook account (if you are my friend, that is.. hehe)

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: I have changed my name in Facebook.. So, if you can't find me, try ALL f your weird-named friends! Hehe..

Midnight Fireworks

You know what the fireworks remind me of? Especially midnight ones??


I mean, literally! It reminds me of that!

Anyway, to all my Chinese friends, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Tiger's the year.. Hehe.. GONG XI FA CAI!!! (no ang pau meh??)

Also, today's a very special day to ALL the couples out there... Hahaha... Valentine's here!

To my friend, Norazahani, I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Haha.. Such a very special day for my friend there... Whoever becomes her boyfriend must buy two (yes, TWO!) presents for her... One for her birthday, one for Valentine's! Hehehe...

So lucky if your birthday falls on February 14th, right? Hehe..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

When I'm Bored

I guess this is what happens whenever I'm bored...

Oh, ya.. The last pic, is Google Chrome.. I particularly like this theme.. Fantasy Bird!! Anyone recall where else they have used this?? Click here if you want to know...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Tutorial Session - Activity 1

Well, today's the day where we start planning what to do during the tutorial session, with Mdm. R and Mdm. T as the advisor.. First activity was conducted by me and F.. What was the activity?


Sounds weird? Not really.. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine.. How to play?

1) 18 people (20 in my class, minus me and F) are divided into 3 groups.. So, 6 in a group.. These groups are then named A, B and C. Each member is given two pieces of 1/2 straws (a straw cut in half).

2) 20 cherries are provided in a small basket at one end of the room. The groups then must take the cherries ONE AT A TIME using ONLY THE STRAWS PROVIDED without using hands, or by the help of the green stems of the cherries.

3) The first person who take the cherry must then pass to his/her team members behind her (in a line) and the last person must then put the cherry in the plastic/basket provided at the other end of the room (one basket/plastic for each group).

4) Should a cherry drops while passing, the person who's PASSING must take the cherry using ONLY THE STRAWS and then continues the game.

5) The game ends when all the cherries are taken. The group who has the most cherries wins.

Simple, huh? Wait till you see what actually happens during the activity!

Hehe.. We had a lot of fun! Huhu.. Too bad, next week's a holiday.. Wonder what's the activity for the next tutorial session.. Can't wait!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

100th Post - What More To Say?

Wow, this is my 100th post here.. Phew.. Time does fly by, huh? Anyway, I haven't much to tell this time.. Just reflecting back what I've done so far and what have I got/learned from them...

When you have money, and when you are as lonely as I am (despite my imaginary friend), you'll eat a lot. And I mean A LOT.. So, what have I got? Constant headache and stomachache. Also, I think appendix is attacking me since yesterday.. This is what happens when you EAT TOO MUCH.. Haihs..

I know I've brought up this topic in the last post. But, hey! I don't give a damn.. Assignments are essentials in college life. So, there.. Right now, I'm struggling with Human Development's article review, Linguistics' report and Mathematics' essay.. Fuh.. All must be in after Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday.. Oh, did I mention I'm not going back this CNY? Hmm.. Another boring holiday in the campus.. Huhu.. More money will be wasted.. Which brings me back to point 1 but I'm not going to babble about it again..

Well, I'm still having problems with keeping my side of the room clean and tidy.. Poor my roommate. Yan, I'm terribly sorry.. I've been the WORST roommate a person could ever had.. Haihs.. So, my plan for my BORING CNY holiday is TIDYING UP my room.. Hopefully, I can accomplish this..

I desperately need a massage right now.. Neck pain, back pain, every inch of my body is in pain.. I wonder where can I get it.. Hmm.. Anyone can tell me where can I get the cheapest rate for a massage?

Like I said earlier, I haven't much to say.. So, that's it.. Oh, and also to my Chinese friends, GONG XI FA CAI! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: The first group of my seniors will be flying to OTAGO tomorrow.. I wish them (12 of them) have a good flight and may you all arrive there safe and sound!

Life So Far...

Well, as you all have known, I have entered my Degree Year in January (whoop-de-do!!) and what have happened since the last time I blogged?? Hehe.. Let me fill you in..

1) Classes Missed
Boy, this was DEFINITELY a bummer.. Since I'm still stuck with JPP work, I guess missing classes is a norm.. But, what really bums me out is that the never-understanding-lecturers. I mean, think about it.. You are out of class on an official duty, what did the lecturer say about you? "I DON'T CARE" I mean, what's the big deal? I know every class is important.. But, if it's an official duty that we definitely can't run away from? We have to go, whether we like it or not.. This is what happened to me since I joined JPP last year. My fellow cohort mates would know what I'm talking about. I'm not much of a complainer but when it comes to this sort of thing, it makes me feel like I don't want to LEARN anymore.. What to do? Luckily, I'm quitting JPP this year (thank GOD for the election coming up sometime this month). Let's just hope I won't be called OUT of class even when I'm NOT in JPP anymore.. Besides, even if I miss a class, my classmates can always fill me in with the lessons that I have missed.. Right?

2) Assignments
Ah, this topic.. It can never be brought out in a conversation when you are out ENJOYING yourselves. And yet,this is the mere thing that gets stuck in my head.. Can't help it! So, if you always see me with a bummed face, this is one of the reasons.. Even my imaginary friend Scotty can't help me much.. Lucky for me, he's always there for me.. =p
Anyway, this semester, we have 3 basically HARD assignments and 2 quite simple ones.. Hehe.. Don't have to tell here, though.. I bet you all have experienced this before..

3) Money
The MOST SENSITIVE topic ever to be brought up! Haha.. Allowance came out a few weeks back.. FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER and let me just say I SUCK AT BUDGETING. So, there you go.. Don't ask me what have I bought.. Only my friends know that.. Hehehe... But, right now, I have enough money to sustain my life for the next 5 months.. So, there.. Mom, Dad, if I need money, I'll ask from you okay! Hehehe...

Well, I think that's basically it.. If I suddenly remember something that I want to share with you all, I'l definitely update later.. Till then, TOODLES!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Wish for 2010...

I know this may sound stupid... Wait, IT DOES SOUND STUPID... But, I don't care.. I want these this year.. I may not get all them, but at least maybe SOME of them.. Well, here goes...


1) New laptop... Wanna replace my 'kuno' one... Mum, Dad, is it okay?? ^_^
2) A new bag... I don't care what kind of bag.. Laptop bag, sling bag, any kind will do..
3) New dictionary?? Hmm.. Looking for new editions of Cambridge & Oxford...
4) New MP3 player...
5) Thumb drive...
6) A SPECTACULAR BIRTHDAY!!! These past 2 years have been a bore for me.. *sigh*

To sum it all, I just want a GREATER, MORE MEMORABLE Birthday than the last 2 years.. Maybe the others above might be my birthday gifts??

Sounds annoying, I know.. Wanna barf? Puke? Laugh? Go ahead.. Be my guest.. (trying to sound sarcastic)

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Maths Class (Blogging while in class)

RECREATIONAL MATHS!!! Huhu.. Interesting topic in Mahs class today.. Everyone present today, including F (she was not in yesterday...).

But first, STORY TIME!!! Story today: Why some students lost interest in studying?? How come some students only go to school for a certain period and NEVER CAME BACK??

1) Lost interest: Some young people like to work more than study.. They seem to like to eran money more than earning knowledge.. It’s not wrong, of course.. In my opinion, everywhere we go, there’s knowledge.. Even while we’re working, we can still earn knowledge.. Some of the things

2) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Mr. L said that one of his students lost interest because of her boyfriend... Hehe.. Let's hope none of our students will be like that... Would be the first time if a primary student lost interest in studying because of his/her boyfriend/girlfriend... Hehehe..

3) Family: Some families need EVERY member of the family to help them in house chores.. Hunting, cleaning, cooking.. Hehe..

And now, back to Maths..

One two, buckle my shoe
Three four, knock on the door
Five six, pick up sticks
Seven eight, lay them straight
Nine ten, a big fat hen
Eleven twelve, dig and delve
Thirteen fourteen, maids a-courting
Fifteen sixteen, maids in the kitchen
Seventeen eighteen, maids in waiting
Nineteen twenty, my plate’s empty

Familiar with that?? I only know until TEN.. Huhu.. I never knew there’s more! Wahahahaha... Anyway, this is only one of them... There’s MORE!! My lecturer asked: “Why must it be shoe?? Why knock on the door? Can’t it be something else??”

Round is a pancake
Round is a plum
Round is a doughnut
Round is a drum
Round is a puppy
Curled up on a rug
Round are the spots
On a wee ladybug
Look all around
On the ground, in the air
You will find round things everywhere!

Nice?? We learn shapes in Maths, right? So, this could be useful in teaching! Also, a very good activity to do with children!! Hee.. What else??

Who am I? Hafiz Triangle!!! Or, at least that’s what the lecturer called me just now.. From the rhyme “Tommy Triangle”.. He said I have 3 sides... Huh?? 3 sides?? Where?? =) Lots more on the internet.. Hehe..

NA has a stern look while R looks like a singer?? Hehehe.. Mr. L! OMG... We laughed so hard!! Huhuhu...
Let’s sing along!!! (One of the fun activities to do inside a classroom) Hey, everyone can sing! It’s just a matter of Pitching and Tone! Hehehe...

9, be my friend now..
Let me turn you into 10 now
I’ll show you just how
Take a one and make a 10 right now
Let’s play a 10 game..
With a 10 in the 10-frame—

And with that, the song ends.. Huhu.. No more song??? Hahahaha... Song stuck because of bad internet connection.. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

And that’s the end of my Math class today.. Huhu.. Who knows there’s so many ways to teach Maths?? Hehe..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Tutorial Discussion...

Today, we had one of the BEST discussions ever! Hehe.. Topic?


Huhu.. A lot of points were brought up.. These are some of them..

This point is really important.. Not only we have to work hard (as in for our assignments), we also have to study hard for our exams! Most people would think that studying can take place anytime, even at the eleventh hour.. Truth? NOTHING WILL GET INSIDE THAT THICK BRAIN OF YOURS IF YOU DO THAT! So, choose.. Failure or success??

Even though my favourite quotation said "Procrastinate now.. Don't put it off.." I actually know that procrastinating is NOT A HEALTHY HABIT.. But, we did it anyway! When most people are struggling in doing their assignments, we just sit there, relaxing and FACEBOOKING as well as BLOGGING (which is what I'm doing now).. My advice? STOP PROCRASTINATING!!!.. It is okay to procrastinate once in a while, but that period is what we call REST.. So, REST! Don't do something else and REALLY PROCRASTINATE!

I'm sure most people do this ALL THE TIME.. It happens during the night (sometimes in the day for MOST PEOPLE..) and we NEED IT.. So, my advice: GET ENOUGH SLEEP! A research says that our muscles regenerate every day around 10:00pm to 12:00am.. So, SLEEP EARLY! Otherwise, you'll end up more tired than you were the day before.. How will you stay focused in class if you are tired??

Organizing is the most important.. We need to organize EVERYTHING.. Our things, time, notes, books, EVERYTHING! What do some people (like me) do? They DON'T! Hehe.. See?? The irony here is I'm trying to advise people when I didn't actually do what I'm telling people to do.. Anyway, when our things are organized--especially our time and notes--we can easily find them (notes) when we need them and we'll always have time to study, play, and rest EQUALLY! So, START ORGANIZING!!

Of course, if you forget Him, He'll surely forget you.. So, be sure to always pray and always be near with God.. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, just remember that God is always Listening..

Revise, revise, revise.. This thing is what most people will NOT do.. When the teachers said that it is important to revise back what you have learned, we still didn't.. Why? This refers back to point number 2.. What do we always do when we get out of class? Either EAT or SLEEP.. Or FACEBOOKING.. So, think back.. which is more important: the FUTURE or the PAST AND PRESENT?

Oh, this the one thing we always afraid to do when we are in class.. WHenever a lecturer or a teacher teach in the class, he/she will always ask, "Any questions?" and it always have no reply.. Only a few faint "YES" which sounds like "NO" to the teachers.. So, whenever you are in doubt or confused about a certain thing, always ask the teacher or lecturer.. It is best to do that because we only have one chance in the exams..

What's LIFE doing here, you ask? Well, WE NEED TO LIVE HEALTHY, that's why! All those fast foods like MAGGI MEE, McDONALDS, KFC, PIZZA HUT, and many others are not that good for your health.. They might damage your brain! So, remember.. eat healthy, stay healthy.. Excercise regularly, eat accordingly.. This way, you'll have everything you need to concentrate in class..

Read and speak?? Haha.. This is to ensure that our proficiency as well as our vocabulary improves before we go overseas (oh, I forgot to mention.. This is inside a TESL class and we are going to Otago next year, so that's why this point is here..). So, read more ENGLISH novels, SPEAK ENGLISH with your classmates.. I'm sure you'll be able to cope with it once we're in Otago (or wherever you're going)..

When most people need to go out everyday, they often go out without a proper purpose.. My advice? ONLY GO OUT WHEN NECESSARY.. For example, to buy groceries, photocopy, or just to get some air after a stressful day.. Not for karaoke or DATING.. Hee =)

This relationship here dones not focus on the boyfriend-girlfriend thing.. This focuses on the friendship bond among ourselves.. As we all know, when we go to Otago (or wherever you're going), we only have ourselves and our friends there.. No family.. So, make sure that your relationship with your friends is strong.. You'll need every one of your friends there to help each other and for support as well as family..

And last but not least, FOCUS.. The focus in class is very important as it is the most crucial in learning.. Make sure you are not sleepy when going to class. You will lose your focus and start dozing off.. So, refering to the third point, GET ENOUGH SLEEP!

And that's about it.. Interesting? OF COURSE! We were divided into 5 groups of 4 and among the presenters, N was the best! Haha!! Congrats, N!!! Blog again sometime in the near future!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Total Anger.. I'm SORRY!!!

This post is here due to my recent post on smokers below..

Personally, YES.. I loathe smokers.. But, I can't help it, right? Smokers are ALL around us.. Even in our own family! So, I can't really stop them.. Only they can stop themselves..

So, to those smokers who were DISTURBED by my post, I'M REALLY SORRY! My condition that night forced my anger to be at the fullest! So, out goes the last post..

But, the message is still the same.. Please, stop smoking.. Especially in public places.. You could be sued!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: This post and the last one has no intention WHATSOEVER in making smokers mad.. I'm just pointing out what I think of smokers and what they should do.. The hatred part last night was totally out of my vocabulary. It was there because I was moody that night.. With my condition, anything can come out.. SORRY AGAIN!

Smokers In Campus - SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THEM!!!!!!

This post is LITERALLY killing me... I don't care what will happen to me after this.. TOTAL ISOLATION? BULLIED? Been there, FACED THOSE! This time, someone should really take note; ESPECIALLY THE LECTURERS!!!

I know it is actually BEYOND my power to actually STOP THESE MINIONS from smoking.. I mean, they've been doing that since BEFORE they enter this SACRED PLACE... Aren't they aware of the rule whereby NO SMOKING INSIDE THE CAMPUS??

I seriously am weak when among smokers.. The smoke can actually MAKE ME HARD TO BREATHE! This has happened to me TWICE in my life.. This is the THIRD time.. If I'm not in class tomorrow, that means I'm in the hospital...

First time? When I was in an English Camp back in 2003.. Location? Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary.. I can still remember.. Because of some people SMOKING, added with the smoke from IKAN BAKAR, I was completely squished! Can't breathe!! So, I WAS EXCUSED FROM DOING ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING PART OF CAMP!! Please, I don't want that to happen again!

But, it did.. Second time.. Location: PARIS.. My house there.. Why? My father among with some of his friends were smoking in the living room.. Luckily, the window was opened.. But, it still CHOKED ME! Because of that, I went to sleep early that night.. Missed some interesting conversations!


If YOU smokers want to KILL ME or ISOLATE ME, I DON'T CARE! As long as others will actually live LONGER AND YOU LIVES WILL BE LONGER TOO!

With all due HATRED,
Hafiz Khairuddin

The Importance of Being Hafiz Khairuddin

Like the new look?? Comment on it, okay! Also, my first week ends here.. So, I would like to summarize up on what happened and what have I learned from these events..

At first, I was quite troubled with the thought that SHE is going to teach my class again this semester.. I mean, with three semesters straight, she LITERALLY hate us! But, she get to teach us again! Well, people do say that the first impression is often ENTIRELY WRONG (picked from Lemony Snicket's quote in "A Series of Unfortunate Events").. After two days with her, I find that (for now, that is..) she's quite OK.. She still expects us to know a bit about what we are learning, so we did some reading before we enter her class.. And, she's not mad! Huhu.. I guess the lesson here is to give a person a chance.. A chance to improve himself or herself in front of us..

Doubts.. That thing literally disturbed us the first day of class.. Which one to pick? LITERATURE? SCIENCE? Or MATHS? I took Maths while Zaza took Science.. J? He took Literature.. Hee.. No lesson? I don't think so.. In this particular situation, we need to actually see what we are actually good at and whether we want to pursue it or not.. Take it to the next level.. Well, I chose Maths because I'm NOT THAT GOOD in Literature and I find Science quite hard.. Maths is kinda like my thing.. What actually makes me AWAKE (apart from interesting novels and Facebook).. Also, picking on what my mother said, "Choose which one that you really like.. Also, look whether you're good at it or not.." And she was right.. Sometimes we really need to reflect back and see what has actually made us move forward.. What actually make us want to continue living our life as it is..

Well, I can't really say much because my life in the degree program has just begun.. So, let's see what happens as time goes by..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Aaahhh... What A Day... (Feels Like Sharing - Part 3)

Yesterday, I was thinking... Should I update my blog? Tell the recent activities? Then, I decided 'not now, at least not YET..' And guess what? I was right! Huhuhu...

Today, we learned a new subject; PHILOSOPHY! Hehe.. Our lecturer?? Dr. ...... As always, I wouldn't mention the name.. Anyway, today for me (and for those who didn't take LITERATURE as their elective) get to wake up late because lit's from 7:30 to 9:30 am... So, I woke up at 6:30 am, performed my Subuh prayer and went back to sleep, ONLY TO BE WOKEN UP BY JP AT 7:30! AARRGGHH!!!! Disturber! Huhu.. For my class, it was Education Philosophy at 9:30 am.. And our lecturer was as happy and eager as ever to teach us! Huhu.. We learned a great deal about philosophy today (just the intro.. haha) and guess what happened in class?

'A' FELL OFF HER CHAIR!!! Hahahahaha!! Luckily, only the class saw it.. No lecturer at the time because she went for a meeting.. Anyway, she fell off with a BANG! and everybody laughed at her! Hahaha.. She officially became the LAUGHING STOCK of the class that moment.. Haha..

After that, we did a little sharing in class about Human Nature from Christian and Islamic perspectives, the similarities and differences and how it affects human nature... Quite an interesting topic.. Also, we learned a bit Biology because we looked into the Biological Perspective of Human Nature... Hehehe.. Chromosomes and DNAs, they just drives me crazy!!! sob sob

Scotty: You haven't prepared your slideshow yet..
Me: Hey, I didn't know my topic, OK? Thanks to F there, I didn't know! How am I supposed to do it??
Scotty: Just do it, then..
Me: Do on what? The whole book?
Scotty: .......

Well, that's about it.. We will start presenting our chapter by chapter presentations next week for Psychology and for tomorrow, we will discuss more about philosophy...

Till I blog again!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Feels Like Sharing - Part 2

Why do I feel like sharing? Don't ask why... I suddenly became obsessed with writing.. With my unfinished 'Armendora' and my beginning degree year, it gets harder and harder to actually concentrate on one particular thing.. Which is why suddenly procrastinating became a habit AGAIN...

Well, my second day is better than ever!

First class was Maths.. Hehe.. So funny when the lecturer misspelled my friend's name! Hahaha... Sing Jier, don't be mad ho! He didn't mean it.. Hehehe.. Not much happened..

Then, BM class with Miss ..... (can't say her name). I entered a bit late coz I went to see Mdm. .... (again, no name.. hahaha) to get something.. She asked me to join debate.. I said "I'll think about it." And she said "I'll call you CHICKEN if you didn't join!" Huhu.. So sad... Should I join??

After that, it was Human Development class with Mr. ..... (hahaha). This class was the funniest because he called my class monitor "Amma"! Why? Because when he asked her name, she said "Amanina" but, she pronounced it as "Ama.. Nina".. Hence, melekatlah nama "AMMA" for her.. Hahahahaha!!!

Not much happened today except we had to take down our scout project.. Director's orders.. Huhuhuhu...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Feels Like Sharing - First Day Back

Hello, BLOGGERS! Just wanna thank a person (Mr Anonymous, please identify yourself!) for the comment on the 3rd part of my life's tribute for 2010... Hope you can tell me who you are!!

Well, like the title say, I want to share my first day back here in IPG Batu Lintang.. As the song said 'Kami Balik Ke Batu Lintang Lagi', we are BACK!!!

First things first, statuses on Facebook (yes, most of us use this!!!) keep saying 'Malas Nak Ke Kelas' or '1st Day Balik Dah Busy...' but hey, THAT'S LIFE!! Picking what my dear senior Rhenu said in her speech to us last year:

Rhenu: Life's hard.. But it's going to be harder.. So, prepare yourself and just get ready for what's to come...

See? Even she knows it! Kak Rhenu, we, your juniors THANK YOU for the lovely speech you gave us during our TESL Gala.. Your words of wisdom is what we hold on now!

Anyway, I still haven't started on my day, right? Hehe.. Well, here goes!

My first class was with a lecturer who taught my class last year.. Can you guess who?? (Why should I tell, anyway!) SHe told us about our results a bit (but she didn't tell us what grade we got) and basically, she introduced us to what seh will be teaching us this year: LINGUISTICS!!! Once we got what she wanted to teach us, we kicked off with our first topic: THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE which sounds more interesting on the title than the content.. Too much to take in! We learned that the English language is under the Germanic language family, and closest to the Frisian language.. (How can I remember this??) We also learned a bit about how the English language developed from the Proto English to the Modern English we use now..

Fuh.. And that was the only class I had for today.. More to some tomorrow! Also, an embarrassing incident happened today at the cafe... I FORGOT MY WALLET!!! Hadoi... First day back and I forgot my wallet??? Huhu... So sad... Even the cashier was giggling at me! Huhuhu...

Scotty (my imaginary friend): How can you forget your wallet?
Me: Why are you asking me? You're the one who didn't remind me to take my wallet!

And, yeah.. I HAVE AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.. So, if you see me talking to myself, that's because I have nobody else to talk to apart from my imaginary friend... Huhu..

Well, I'll blog again later this week for more and more happenings on my first week back!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: This post is dedicated again to ALL IPG Batu Lintang people.. Regardless of position and job, it's for you! With loving care for ALL my OTAGO seniors especially Nana Izya, Liz Yani, Ak Dean, Nicholas, Jordan, Azman, Azhan and Afiqah! Safe journey to OTAGO!!!

WELCOMING 2010 - My Beautiful Life (Part 3)

Time really flies, isn't it? First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!! May this new year bring more and more good luck to us all.. Well, this will be my last post of tribute to my life.. COLLEGE!

Semester 1 (July-November 2008)

This was the time that I first stepped into SARAWAK! Huhuhu... Anyway, I registered with my aunt and uncle (since my parents are still in Paris at the time) and we went there on 13th (which was the day before, but you already know that..). The first of few friends I met: Hannah Nabilah Ghazali (on the plane) and Widad (at Holiday Inn). Also, I met Jason Wong in the registration room for my class.. (which was called Otago 5) Got through orientation week nicely (although I was not really well that time) and I also volunteered myself to be the emcee for Malam Mesra!! Alongside Afiqah Mohd Zaki, we made the audiences laughed! Hahaha... =)

Semester 2 (January-May 2009)

Started the semester with a blast! Welcomed the KPLI January 2009 Intakes and handled them through their orientation week... Not much happened except being chosen as one of the JPPs 2009-2010 session... Huhu.. ALso, Language Camp at Kedah in May and Mock Exam in March... Met some great friends (Ruhan, Puvana, Kangga, Deep Adeeba, and my interview-mate, EZALIA!!) Anybody can tell me anything exciting happened?? TELL ME!!!

Semester 3 (July-November 2009)
The last semester of Foundation Course... Again, not much happened.. Just some minor events like KPLI June 2009 Intake, Gawai & Tadau Kaamatan celebration, and FINAL EXAM.. Oh, also ANNUAL DINNER 2009 (Masquerade Theme) and TESL GALA NIGHT 2009 (Retro Theme)... Not forgetting welcoming our beloved PPISMP 2009 Intake juniors!

Which brings us to here and now... I have moved from Parit Buntar to Lumut, met some new friends, lost some... But hey, that's life! Still, much more to share and this Monday (4th January) I'll embark myself on a yet another journey to be the BEST English teacher ever!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: This post is dedicated to ALL IPGM Batu Lintang Campus people... Be it lecturers, students, EVERYONE!!! Hehe.. With love to friends Barbara Jane, Morrission Jement, Muhammad Azizi, Mira Rodzizan, Zariq Farhan, Nadzirah Roslan and HOTTAGO THE DIGGIDY RONGGENG CREW!