WELCOMING 2010 - My Beautiful Life (Part 2)

Huhu.. One more day, and we will say GOODBYE to 2009 and HELLO to 2010.. Well, as promised (although most people would totally HATE this blog by now), here is the second part of my beautiful yet hectic life: Secondary School!!

Form 1
My first secondary school was SMK Methodist (ACS), Parit Buntar.. Went there with my friends Ooi Poh Vin, Paminder and Pavinder Kaur along with others.. (This doesn't mean I have forgotten all of my friends!) But, I only went there for a week (the orientation week, that is) and after that, I changed school to SMK Pekan Baru, Parit Buntar. Over there, I met some of my old friends (Nabila Farhana is one of them) and I took the elite Arabic class (1 Kelisa, they called it at the time). A year went by with some hectic memories of being scared away by a bug (thanks to Hadzwan!) and my brunch squished! My poor doughnuts! *sob sob* But, life goes on and I made it!

Form 2
This is where the true life began.. Hahaha.. Started comparing who has armpit hairs! (Disgusting, isn't it?) and also started taking care of Earth deeply (celebrated Earth Day).. But, the turning point of this year was this particular event... During the final year exam, I failed the Arabic test.. Guess what my Ustaz said? "Hafiz, next year, don't take Arabic as your subject for PMR. You won't succeed." Who is he to decide whether I should take a subject or not? And guess what?? Like my primary school Maths teacher, HE WAS SUED AS WELL!! Hahahaha.. Now, he does not teach Arabic anymore, just KKQ classes.. After that, things started to change...

Form 3
I was changed school again. This time, to my mother's school.. SMK Panglima Bukit Gantang.. New school, new friends.. This is where I met some of my greatest friends like Hanisah, Azahani, Taufiq and even my cousin Azmi! Hahaha.. After a few years, we are back at the same school. Haha.. Anyway, this was my PMR year together with the year my father went to Paris.. Huhu.. So, I took my PMR and eventually, I succeeded! 7As, to be exact! Huhu.. Arabic? I got a 'D' but at least I didn't fail! Thanks to Ustaz Tuan Lokman! Hehehe... So, after I took my PMR, my family and I waited for my eldest brother to take his SPM. Then, we all went to our father-Paris! I got my PMR results when we were in Aix En Province, France! Haha.. How cool is that??

Form 4
Still in SMK Panglima.. The saddest year of all.. While we were in Paris, we received news that my grandfather passed away. So, we had to rush back.. Hence, ended my beautiful time in Paris.. But, family comes first, so who give a damn about Paris! Started school 2 weeks late since we stayed in Paris until after Aidil Adha.. Got into 4 Sains 2.. Met some more new friends.. Zulfa, Ayuni, Syahidah, Rosnadiana, Izzah, Mastika among others.. This was also the year that my mom taught me in school! First she taught me Biology.. Then, she took over Maths! Adoi... Life has never been scarier! Haha.. Soon after, we received another news.. My father were to take over Kepten Musa's job at the Malaysian Embassy in Paris as the Defence Advisor! That means another 3 years in Paris!!! Oh, GOD!

Form 5
Since my parents are in Paris, I was to be left alone with my younger brother.. So, my mom told us to stay with my aunt in Kangar, Perlis.. Thus changing my school again.. This time, it is SMK Syed Hassan, Kangar.. This is where I met yet some more great friends! Nadiah, Amira, Asyraf, Atina, Ain, AIsar and Amir among others.. Since this was my SPM year, and it also happened that my dear aunt teaches Chemistry, she actually TORTURED me with Chemistry ONE WHOLE NIGHT! Well, that was only one time.. Hehe.. The rest, she sent me to tuition class.. Along with Physics and Additional Maths.. And guess what? I ALSO SUCCEEDED!! Out of 11 subjects that I took, I got 6As and 5Bs!! My GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR! Weehoo~~~ I was also the only one in the school to get an A1 for Chemistry! I guess my aunt's torture worked after all! Hehehe... After I took my SPM papers, I went to stay with my parents in Paris until a week before the results came out.. Only then, I came back..

Wow, that was a LONG entry.. For tomorrow, NEW YEAR'S DAY, I'll be blogging about my recent life's activities... From the moment I stepped into IPGM Batu Lintang Campus until now.. Sounds boring, I know.. But, hey! I like telling stories!!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: This post is dedicated to my cousin Azmi, my friends Hanisah, Nadiah, Amira, Azahani, and others... Also to my beloved teachers Puan Sazlyna, Encik Affendi, Encik Syahrul Anuar, Encik Abdul Razak, Puan Norhayati (this has two, my BM teacher in Panglima and my dear aunt), Puan Suzana, Encik Leong Weng Kong and many others who I don't recall the names anymore.. Huhu.. I'M SORRY, TEACHERS!!!

WELCOMING 2010 - My Beautiful Life (Part 1)

To celebrate this coming 2010 (Hooray!), I'll be making a three-day tribute to my life.. Reflecting back is way good to see what have you done so far, and to ensure what we want is achieved or not.. So far, NONE of what I want to do is achieved.. So, BAD HAFIZ! Hehe.. Anyway, today I'm going to relive my school years from kindergarten to Standard 6...

My kindergarten was called 'Taski Abim Al-Istiqamah' and it was located in Taman Setia Jaya, Parit Buntar. I went there with my cousin Azmi and some of my friends now (an example is Eda Nurul Hanani). Can't really remember well. Only that one day, we had a fire escape rehearsal and we learnt how to run and what to do if you are on fire (I mean LITERALLY on fire). I volunteered to demonstrate after they (the firemen) taught us how and I got a certificate for that! I was so proud of myself that time.. Hehe.. ^_^

Standard 1
SK Methodist, Parit Buntar was my primary school. First day of school has never been scarier than ever. Can't recall whether I cried or not, but I do remember being called 'cute' by my seniors (Standard 6 students at the time).. Hehehe.. Anyway, that year was where I first fell in love with English (which is why I took TESL), thanks to my favourite teacher, Puan Norlela... I still see her sometimes but now it is harder because I have moved to Lumut... :( Kinda cried when she left school because she left us after 1 year she became my teacher.. She was the one who noticed I needed spectacles! I can still remember the day.. Can't recall the date, though.. But, we were having an activity called 'What Number Is This?' and she asked me to identify a number. I was sitting at the back, so it was kinda hard to see..

Puan Norlela: Hafiz, what number is this? (A '3' was shown on the card)
Me: Thirty three, teacher.
Puan Norlela: Hafiz, that's wrong.. It's three..
Me: No, teacher. It's thirty three.
At this point, the whole class was looking at me...
Puan Norlela: What number is this, then? (A '1' was on the card)
Me: Eleven.
Puan Norlela: Hafiz, I think you better ask your mother to go and have your eyes checked. Tell her that after school, okay?
Me: Okay, teacher.

The weirdest thing (I thought it was weird back then) was she's right! I have astigmatism!! Which explains why I said '33' instead of '3'. It's because I have been seeing double images all the time.. Huhu... My first spectacles was the one with BIG lenses, like those old people wore. Most of my friends laughed at me when they first saw me. I was the first one to wear spectacles in my class AND the WHOLE Standard 1 students! Made me the most popular student in school at that time.. Hehehe...

Standard 2
Still the same school, with more and more bullies. Cried a bit here.. Not much happened.. Don't recall, anyway.. ^_^

Standard 3
Also the same school (why am I repeating this? I was here until Standard 6!) and this was the year I took my PTS (which does not exist anymore now). This year during my exam, my uncle was the one who handled us! Huhu.. I can still remember what he said:

2 minutes left!
Pak Su: Just pick one.. No need to calculate!
Me: Pak Su, 2 more questions la.. I still can calculate.
Time's up! Stop writing!
Pak Su: Like I said, JUST PICK ONE!
Me: Okay!

Which is why I FAILED the test! Haha.. Anyway, those who passed may choose to skip a year (from Standard 3 straight to Standard 5) or continue as usual. Since I failed, I have to continue as usual.. Huhu..

Standard 4
FIrst time learning Science! Huhu.. Hard one! Hehe.. This year was also my TORTURE year due to a certain event that was ENTIRELY my fault AND the teacher's:

Maths period (how can this happen during my favourite subject?)
Puan Sharifah: Hafiz, why did you do this wrongly? Look! EVERY ANSWER IS WRONG!
Me: (Stared at my book without a word.. Realized that I had miscalculated EVERYTHING)
Puan Sharifah: I want you to take your book, go out there on the court and DO YOUR CORRECTION! DON'T COME IN UNLESS YOU FINISHED ALL OF THEM!
Me: (Went out, crying while doing the corrections UNDER THE HOT SUN)

Wanna know what happened after? That teacher was sued right after I told my mom what had happened. Haha.. A lesson for me and ALL the teachers out there: NEVER PUT YOUR STUDENTS UNDER THE SUN.. YOU MIGHT GET SUED!

Also, this year (and last year) I was the head cheerleader for the Annual Sports Day! Haha.. Two years in a row! Huhu.. Wee~~~ ^_^

Standard 5
This is getting pretty long, right? No worries.. I'll stop on Standard 6 and continue tomorrow for my Secondary days...
This year, I was the head cheerleader again! Hehe.. How cool is that? Haha.. (Don't be surprised, the cheeeleading team consists of both BOYS and GIRLS...) Not much happened, as usual.. But, I do remember distinctly that my class was moved from the bottom floor to the TOP FLOOR! Fuh, the torture of climbing ALL THOSE STAIRS! Hehe.. Good exercise, though.. :)

Standard 6 (Finally)
Cried A LOT here.. Met Huril Ain (my first love! To bad, no replies..) UPSR year.. The pressure is harder than ever! Haha.. Made a LOT of mistakes this year.. Including NOT DOING ANY OF THE BM HOMEWORK! Was called by the counselor (Puan Hjh. Noriah) and counseled right there and then.. Fuh.. Changed after that.. UPSR came and finally out comes the results.. How much did I get? 5As!! Weehoo~~~ Hugged by mom in public at her school (I went straight to her after I got my result)..

Well, that's about it in my primary school years.. Blog again tomorrow for my secondary years!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: The names above even though they are true, it was meant to be a lesson to all.. So, don't be offended.. Will always love my teachers.. Especially Puan Fauziah, Ustazah Fauziah, Puan Mardhiah, Puan Norlela, Encik Nazri, Puan Normi, Encik Zainal, Encik Yahya, Puan Azizah, Puan Zaiton, Puan Siti Zaleha, and Puan Zainol Kamariah.

Christmas, Holiday, New Year, New Semester...

It has been a long (and I mean LONG) holiday and things are starting to got NOT the way I had expected... While most people still enjoy their holiday, I am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would be... Why??

1) Christmas
Of course for OBVIOUS reasons I do not celebrate this.. Christmas is just around the corner and the TV is calling me for the Christmas Specials! From Disney Channel to Hallmark and AXN, there's something to watch there... THERE GOES MY CHORES...

2) Holiday
The holidays will be officially over in two weeks time and I for one DID NOT ENJOY IT MUCH... Still wondering though.. Should I just go out there and enjoy myself?? Or should I just stay in??

3) New Year
New Year's approaching (that is if you are counting on the Gregorian calendar) and it is time to open up a new page of our lives... New things to be discovered, hated and loved.. When most people do enjoy New Year, I for one, am not a fan of it.. Don't ask me why.. Sometimes I exaggerate a little by 'showing off' my excitement in celebrating New Year.. But, deep down inside, I know that the new year will bring as much despair as much as it will bring happiness..

4) New Semester
As the holidays come to an end, the new semester draws nearer... Next year, I will be starting my degree year and from what my seniors had said on our TESL Gala Night, "It will be easy at first.. But it will get harder.." The HARDER PART scares me out my own skin! I wonder how hard will it be??

Well, now would be a good time for me to sleep.. New day tomorrow...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin


This entry is all about CHAIN-MAILS... Why?? It's a long story for I have LONG HATED this kind of things.. Let me make it short to the part when I actually decided to voice this thing out..

Just now, I logged on to my MySpace account and I saw a new message waiting for me.. So, I opened it.. This what it is telling me, in a short, translated way..

Please read this:
there was a kid.. aged 3.. born with no eyes and mouth..
he died..
if you don't forward this, he will come to you while you sleep..
he'll be lying beside you, staring you with his eye-less face..
he'll be on your ceiling, staring at you with his mouth-less face..
if you don't want to be disturbed, PLEASE forward this to your friends..

If you were to receive such a message, what would you do?? Because seriously, that is the MOST CHEAPEST WAY to scare people.. It is a possible that a baby would be born without eyes and mouth, IT IS FOR GOD TO DECIDE.. But, to actually do this? Only a STUPID person would do this...

A chain-mail is not to be used to scare people. It is NEVER MEANT TO BE USED AT ALL!!! If you really want to use it, why not using by spreading GOOD THINGS like spreading words about religious stuff? PEOPLE WILL DO MORE GOOD THINGS THAT WAY..

If you are among those who spread these things, PLEASE, stop spreading them.. There is one about a person who dreamed of meeting the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and it said if you don't spread it to 20 people, you will receive bad luck.. I have received that mail for more than I can actually count.. I didn't spread it, even if I have the time to do it.. I'm still here and nothing bad has happened to me!

So, please.. STOP THESE CHAIN-MAILS FROM SPREADING.. If it spreading about religious things, then DO SPREAD.. It is the least we can do to ask people to do some good in their lives (not that we never do anything good in our lives before)..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: This is why I feel a little bummed, especially after I was asked to join a cause on Facebook that to me, is utterly USELESS.. Especially about pictures..

Life Is Not How You Think It Is...

Well, this may sound weird but to me, life is not how I think it is.. Why??

1) Holidays
When most people say holidays are the best part of life, it is the WORST part of MY LIFE.. Without friends, one can be as depressed as one can be.. With nothing to do, we start to go back to our old habits of laziness, sleeping late (although some of us DO SLEEP LATE even when the holidays are WAY OVER), and worst, EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, and EAT... We'll start getting fat because we only eat... We didn't do anything.. So, the ENERGY from the food we eat won't be used, resulting in them changing to FATS and basically, MAKE US FAT..

2) Chores/Work
Some people may like to do work.. Some may not.. Others will have to see if the work's necessary.. To me, it is ALL that I wrote.. Why do I like to do chores? WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO DO??? Why I don't like it? CAN'T I GET SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR ME?? Why I have to see if it's necessary? BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF DIFFERENT KINDS OF WORK AND SOME OF THEM MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE TO DO.. Usually, when I come to this doubts about work, I'll simply say "Oh, for God's sake! I can't just do this alone!"

3) Learning
Why do most teenagers rebel about school nowadays? Are they just being stupid? Or is it because they think that they can do better things than STUDYING? Well, if they actually think that, they are going to suffer in the future.. Why? EVERY JOB NOWADAYS REQUIRES AT LEAST A PASS IN SPM! Who's to blame on this problem? Parents? School? Teachers? Themselves? To me, EVERYONE IS TO BLAME, even the PUBLIC... Kinda inappropriate to the title of this post, but this is LIFE.. It's around us and most of us just didn't do anything except look and say "Who's child is that? Don't the parents know how to TEACH their children?" Parents should show how important it is for the children to go to school.. School should provide a really comfortable environment for the students to ACTUALLY COME TO SCHOOL.. Teachers should be kind, but also firm in TEACHING the future generations.. Students should know how BAD life can be WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE.. Public? Don't be scared to actually say something to the children who are doing inappropriate thing in front of you! They are our FUTURE GENERATION who will LEAD this COUNTRY we love.. Not doing anything is THE SAME AS GIVING AWAY THE INDEPENDENCE that we had achieved 52 years ago! So please, for the love of GOD, don't let our future generation rot away.. We need them as much as they need us!

There's more to this than what I just wrote above.. Every day, more and more teenagers fall to the DARK SIDE (you know what I mean). More work needs to be done and HOLIDAYS ARE NOT JUST MEANT FOR US TO SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING... For all I know, LIFE IS SHORT.. So make the best of it while we still ALIVE and BREATHING..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

New Look, New Name

As you guys have noticed when you guys open this blog, I've changed the looks and the name of this blog.. Let me explain why..

1) The Looks
Well, most of you (or all of you) have already know that I'll be an English teacher on 2014.. So, basically I'll be teaching Primary School (students ages between 7 and 12) which makes it significant for me to use this template.. Like it?? Find it and more here.

2) The Name
I've decided to change the name for two reasons:
1) Because the previous name (The Life and Times of A Future English Teacher) is WAY TOO LONG for this template.. Hehehe
2) Because this journey of mine in becoming the BEST English teacher is almost the same as a journey to school. We learn things, make mistakes and learn from them as we go on.. Significant? I think so!

Well, that's it for now.. Will blog later about the UNPACKING situation here in my house..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

When There's Nothing To Do..

Dear readers,

If you are reading this, make sure you are prepared physically and mentally. This is because I am going to babble again.. Not about some particular events (like my previous posts) but about my own pathetic life.. A few events have occurred in the past few weeks and I think now would be the right time to actually say something about them.. Well, here goes..

1) Final Results
As you all have known, I took my final exams last October. I didn't post any of it here (I think I only post about my mock exam..) so, I figured you all might want to know what actually happened during the exam period.. Thanks to my best friend, Zariq Farhan, I was able to answer the papers with great confidence! And, of course, the results didn't come out (as in posted to our houses) so we didn't know. For all we know (and what our lecturers told us) we were to expect a phone call from our lecturers during the first week of holidays if we were to FAIL any of the papers. Well, I didn't get any phone calls so I PASSED! Phew, that was a relief! Now, 4 more years of degree to go through before posting and START BEING A REAL TEACHER...

2) Task for 1st Year Degree
Hard to believe? I think some of us may have experienced this already.. It's just sounds so stupid to me because we were to prepare a series of slideshows for our 1st Year Degree subjects.. And guess what? WE DIDN'T HAVE ANY BOOKS YET! Is it just me or the lecturers are starting to became weirder and weirder every day?? Hmm.. I wonder how should I do it cause we can't find the materials in the Internet..

3) Reading List
Hehehe.. SInce I LOVE READING, I guess it's not weird that I have a reading list for the holidays.. Guess how many books? 97 BOOKS ALTOGETHER!!! So, I guess I won't be able to finish reading them in time.. Hadoi.. What to do?? Huhuhu.. I guess I better continue reading once I finish with this entry..

4) Moving
Well, I already told you guys here and now, I am officially living in the Pangkalan TLDM, Lumut! Huhu.. It's been three days here (the actual moving date was 11th December) and we are still waiting for our stuff from Paris to arrive. It is already in Port Klang and will be brought here tomorrow (14th December).. So, the REAL BIG DAY is TOMORROW. Hee~~

Well, I guess that's pretty much it.. I almost wasted all of my December allowance (my mom will be furious when she reads this.. Did I mention she reads my blog too?) and now I'm pretty sure I can say that I'm broke.. Huhu.. With little money left, it's a good thing that I'm still on holidays here.. Hee~~ So, Mom, Dad, no offense but I NEED MONEY!! Hehehehe.... So, I'll be blogging sometime next week for another update when MY WHOLE FAMILY comes to my new home (grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins will be filling every inch of this house)... So, till then!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin
Banglo B-5, Bukit Laksamana, Pangkalan TLDM, Lumut, Perak

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Theme...

Hehe.. Update on one of my favourite shows...

The Eurovision Song Contest (refer to my previous entry here) has yet to come next year.. Yesterday (4th December), the theme has been revealed by the host, NRK..

As shown in the picture above, this year's theme is 'Share the Moment' and I know it's going to be a BLAST!!

Eurovision Song Contest 2010 will commence on 25th-29th May 2010 at the Telenor Arena. Semi-finals are on 25th and 27th May with the Grand Final on 29th May.

More info, log on to their website here.

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Moving Day - 7th December 2009

Haiyo!!! I'm back for about 3 weeks and now I'm moving!!! Huhu.. Not just ordinary move around with my two legs and motorcycle or bicycle.. But, moving as in CHANGE PLACE OF LIVING!!!

Currently, I'm still living at Parit Buntar... After this (7th Dec, to be exact), I'll be living in Lumut.. Address???

Banglo B-5, Bukit Laksamana, Pangkalan TLDM, Lumut, Perak...

Hehe.. But I'll still be studying at IPGM Batu Lintang Campus, Kuching.. So, I can be contacted through both addresses..

Just thought you people should know.. =)

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin