Luahan Hati [My First Malay Post]

Sekarang ini, aku berharap sangat sejarah dua tahun lepas (yang terjadi berturut-turut) tak berulang lagi..

Peristiwa tadi mengingatkan aku kepadanya.. Hmm.. Kenapa mesti jadi macam ni?? Perlukah mereka tatap wajahku untuk mengingatinya??

Aku sendiri tak dapat nak jawab persoalan itu.. Sebab apa yang aku tahu, semuanya terjadi kerana kehendak Allah... Apa yang aku boleh buat? Hanya redha dengannya...

Yang benar,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Mistakes Were Made, Promises Were Broken...

Of course, this entry has NOTHING except EVERYTHING to do with the title above...

Like I said, mistakes were made.. I can't say I'm perfect.. EVen I did some mistakes.. Some of them I may never forgive myself for doing it (Zariq, you know this better than I do!!).. So, right here, right now, let me just say this...

I'M SORRY!!!!!

Mom, I'm sorry for not being a good son to you lately.. What have I given you? Worries, anger...

Dad, I'm sorry for wasting your money during my foundation years... It seems that I can't really budget my expenses... So, I hope you can warn me whenever I'm doing it again..

My dearest friends, I'm sorry if I have ever made you all hate me.. I know most of the time, I am annoying (which is true, but I can't help it.. Maybe because of the ADHD..) and for that, you all must hate me to pieces (okay, I may have exaggerated that point). Sometimes, I even made you guys shout at me.. Felis, Mira, you know what I'm talking about..

My beloved seniors, I'm sorry if I had ever made you guys look at me like some kind of kid who doesn't quite know where he is right now.. Hostel life is kinda new to me, and I'm still getting myself used to it.. I hope you can understand...

I don't think I have broken any promises that I've made.. But, if I have, do tell me cause sometimes I tend to forget...

Again everyone, I'm TRUTHFULLY sorry...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: If you see my Facebook profile, I have changed my name back to its original name.. Hehe.. One of my BIGGEST mistakes ever!!

CNY Celebration in Kuching...

Haha! First time celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) in Kuching and it's much grander than in West Malaysia! Huhu.. Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm starting to LOVE Kuching!! Hehe.. Anyway, UPDATES!!

Haiyo... It's not like in West Malaysia.. Over here, fireworks NON-STOP!!! It was like a battlefield (Jordin Spark... Hehe) over here and I just can't sleep!! Huhu.. Remember my last post about reminding me of the ships' horns? Haha.. New year at my hometown was almost like CNY in Kuching.. Just replace the honking ships with non-stop fireworks!

This would be my first time visiting Chinese friends' houses during CNY.. Before this, I didn't do it. Haha.. Lame huh? But, I had so much fun visiting! First house was F's house in Stampin Tengah (is it correct?).. The next day, I (it was only me and the juniors) went to one of my junior's house (A).. Today, 4 HOUSES STRAIGHT!! Mdm. R's house, Mdm. A's house, Mdm. S's house and Dr. C's house.. Huhu... First house, we ate rice with rendang.. Second house, we ate heart-shaped waffles (yummy!!).. Third house was Sugar Bun's BROASTED CHICKENS! And the last house was just the munchy-munchy stuff (crackers, chips, biscuits...).. We were so full! Haha.. Had so much fun!

3) ANG PAU (did I spelled it correctly?)
Huhu.. You would think I got so much Ang Pau?? Truthfully, NO! Haha.. Just from F's house and Mdm. R's house.. Hehe.. But, I don't care about the Ang Pau.. All I can think about is the FUN I have visiting friends and lecturers!! Hehe...

Photos, log on to my Facebook account (if you are my friend, that is.. hehe)

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: I have changed my name in Facebook.. So, if you can't find me, try ALL f your weird-named friends! Hehe..

Midnight Fireworks

You know what the fireworks remind me of? Especially midnight ones??


I mean, literally! It reminds me of that!

Anyway, to all my Chinese friends, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Tiger's the year.. Hehe.. GONG XI FA CAI!!! (no ang pau meh??)

Also, today's a very special day to ALL the couples out there... Hahaha... Valentine's here!

To my friend, Norazahani, I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Haha.. Such a very special day for my friend there... Whoever becomes her boyfriend must buy two (yes, TWO!) presents for her... One for her birthday, one for Valentine's! Hehehe...

So lucky if your birthday falls on February 14th, right? Hehe..

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

When I'm Bored

I guess this is what happens whenever I'm bored...

Oh, ya.. The last pic, is Google Chrome.. I particularly like this theme.. Fantasy Bird!! Anyone recall where else they have used this?? Click here if you want to know...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Tutorial Session - Activity 1

Well, today's the day where we start planning what to do during the tutorial session, with Mdm. R and Mdm. T as the advisor.. First activity was conducted by me and F.. What was the activity?


Sounds weird? Not really.. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine.. How to play?

1) 18 people (20 in my class, minus me and F) are divided into 3 groups.. So, 6 in a group.. These groups are then named A, B and C. Each member is given two pieces of 1/2 straws (a straw cut in half).

2) 20 cherries are provided in a small basket at one end of the room. The groups then must take the cherries ONE AT A TIME using ONLY THE STRAWS PROVIDED without using hands, or by the help of the green stems of the cherries.

3) The first person who take the cherry must then pass to his/her team members behind her (in a line) and the last person must then put the cherry in the plastic/basket provided at the other end of the room (one basket/plastic for each group).

4) Should a cherry drops while passing, the person who's PASSING must take the cherry using ONLY THE STRAWS and then continues the game.

5) The game ends when all the cherries are taken. The group who has the most cherries wins.

Simple, huh? Wait till you see what actually happens during the activity!

Hehe.. We had a lot of fun! Huhu.. Too bad, next week's a holiday.. Wonder what's the activity for the next tutorial session.. Can't wait!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

100th Post - What More To Say?

Wow, this is my 100th post here.. Phew.. Time does fly by, huh? Anyway, I haven't much to tell this time.. Just reflecting back what I've done so far and what have I got/learned from them...

When you have money, and when you are as lonely as I am (despite my imaginary friend), you'll eat a lot. And I mean A LOT.. So, what have I got? Constant headache and stomachache. Also, I think appendix is attacking me since yesterday.. This is what happens when you EAT TOO MUCH.. Haihs..

I know I've brought up this topic in the last post. But, hey! I don't give a damn.. Assignments are essentials in college life. So, there.. Right now, I'm struggling with Human Development's article review, Linguistics' report and Mathematics' essay.. Fuh.. All must be in after Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday.. Oh, did I mention I'm not going back this CNY? Hmm.. Another boring holiday in the campus.. Huhu.. More money will be wasted.. Which brings me back to point 1 but I'm not going to babble about it again..

Well, I'm still having problems with keeping my side of the room clean and tidy.. Poor my roommate. Yan, I'm terribly sorry.. I've been the WORST roommate a person could ever had.. Haihs.. So, my plan for my BORING CNY holiday is TIDYING UP my room.. Hopefully, I can accomplish this..

I desperately need a massage right now.. Neck pain, back pain, every inch of my body is in pain.. I wonder where can I get it.. Hmm.. Anyone can tell me where can I get the cheapest rate for a massage?

Like I said earlier, I haven't much to say.. So, that's it.. Oh, and also to my Chinese friends, GONG XI FA CAI! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

P/S: The first group of my seniors will be flying to OTAGO tomorrow.. I wish them (12 of them) have a good flight and may you all arrive there safe and sound!

Life So Far...

Well, as you all have known, I have entered my Degree Year in January (whoop-de-do!!) and what have happened since the last time I blogged?? Hehe.. Let me fill you in..

1) Classes Missed
Boy, this was DEFINITELY a bummer.. Since I'm still stuck with JPP work, I guess missing classes is a norm.. But, what really bums me out is that the never-understanding-lecturers. I mean, think about it.. You are out of class on an official duty, what did the lecturer say about you? "I DON'T CARE" I mean, what's the big deal? I know every class is important.. But, if it's an official duty that we definitely can't run away from? We have to go, whether we like it or not.. This is what happened to me since I joined JPP last year. My fellow cohort mates would know what I'm talking about. I'm not much of a complainer but when it comes to this sort of thing, it makes me feel like I don't want to LEARN anymore.. What to do? Luckily, I'm quitting JPP this year (thank GOD for the election coming up sometime this month). Let's just hope I won't be called OUT of class even when I'm NOT in JPP anymore.. Besides, even if I miss a class, my classmates can always fill me in with the lessons that I have missed.. Right?

2) Assignments
Ah, this topic.. It can never be brought out in a conversation when you are out ENJOYING yourselves. And yet,this is the mere thing that gets stuck in my head.. Can't help it! So, if you always see me with a bummed face, this is one of the reasons.. Even my imaginary friend Scotty can't help me much.. Lucky for me, he's always there for me.. =p
Anyway, this semester, we have 3 basically HARD assignments and 2 quite simple ones.. Hehe.. Don't have to tell here, though.. I bet you all have experienced this before..

3) Money
The MOST SENSITIVE topic ever to be brought up! Haha.. Allowance came out a few weeks back.. FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER and let me just say I SUCK AT BUDGETING. So, there you go.. Don't ask me what have I bought.. Only my friends know that.. Hehehe... But, right now, I have enough money to sustain my life for the next 5 months.. So, there.. Mom, Dad, if I need money, I'll ask from you okay! Hehehe...

Well, I think that's basically it.. If I suddenly remember something that I want to share with you all, I'l definitely update later.. Till then, TOODLES!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin