Vlog = PAIN IN THE ARSE... Literally...

Hmm... I don't actually know what to say... Been trying to make a video myself but, it's rather hard...

Now, I totally SALUTE Charlie McDonnell, Anwar Hadi, etc. for their epic videos... Wish I can be as creative as them.. >.<

Will definitely upload the video I've been trying to make... Just, not this week... Maybe sometime this weekend or next week...

Exams are coming up... First day = 19th October... Real bummer for me there...

Anyway, wishing you all a good day!

Enjoy the weekend while it lasts!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Lunch Break Ramblings...

Right.. This'll be a quick update.. Not so much as saying a lot since not much happened yet...

First off, the video that I promised might be coming out a bit late as I'm quite busy with assignments and stuff... And I mean STUFF.. hahaha... So, will update again on that sometime next week..

Second, my last minute decision last Saturday TOTALLY PAID OFF! I actually watched my first LIVE rugby match at Forsyth barr stadium that night and IT WAS AWESOME!! I'm so in love with rugby now!

And, as always... My pathetic way of ending the blog... Urmm... Until next time? XD

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Video Blogging?

I'm currently thinking of video blogging - like the ones of IniAnwarHadi, charlieissocoollike, arandavision, etc...

It would actually be very, very, VERY HARD... Especially on the "what to say" part...

It would actually be really interesting, though.. But then again, it would actually be really hard..

But, just trying my little not-my-best luck, I'll post one particular video that I actually recorded celebrating one of my friend's birthday here at my house...

So, wait for it as it might come out sometime next week... I'l definitely post it here on the blog as well as my Facebook account and YouTube... Just for fun, really..

Oh, and speaking of Facebook, I actually feel like I have 2 Twitter accounts now thanks to the new layout of Facebook... Some find sucks, some find it quite interesting, some love it, some hate it, but I just felt neutral about it... I mean, not much change there so.... Yeah...

Bye for now!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Changes in My Life... That I Have Noticed

It's rather hard to actually tell if someone has changed or not, particularly yourself.
I find this particularly awkward, especially if you were thinking to yourself about how long has it been and how you didn't actually notice it.

As you all well know, I'm in New Zealand and currently studying in my 2nd year degree in Bachelor of Education (TESOL) over at the University of Otago and I have to say; living abroad actually changes you DRASTICALLY.

For some reason (or, maybe it's the BBC shows), I've been speaking in a more British accent than I was before I come to New Zealand. I didn't actually noticed this before until just now in my tutorial session this afternoon. I had a small and interesting discussion about the behaviour models that we would actually try to bring in to our teaching once we graduate and apparently, I was the only Malaysian in the small group of 5 (the others were all Kiwis). It was then that I actually noticed these particular small things:

1) I've lost my "lah" and "lor" in my daily speech (except when I'm speaking with Malaysians)
2) My pronunciation has improved over the couple of months that I've studied here.
3) I find it easy to understand the Kiwi accent ever since the first time I arrived here.
4) I've been speaking English more fluently than I did back in Malaysia.

Is it just me or am I becoming more and more English?

Some hints were given to me through several people that I actually met last week:
1) A guy at the Human Nutrition Department when I went for my blood test last week
2) A Maori woman that I met during the blood test.
3) The nurse who actually drew my blood that day.
4) A cashier at a local shop.
5) One of the lecturers at College of Education.

I've also noticed some other things about me that has changed:
1) I've stopped downloading TV series since I came here on February.
2) I've been a little bit spend-thrift on other things as well as books.
3) I've grown to love shoes.
4) I have a habit of doing random stuff alone (like going to the movies).

And some other things that I would KILL MYSELF if I mention them here.. TEE HEE!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that changes happen, even if we don't actually notice it.. Especially when you are living with people that are foreign to you...

Till then, CHEERS!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Spring Cleaning

Wow! So busy with assignments and stuff made me forget about my blog! Hahaha~~

Then again, we all have our lives to take care of. And when I say this, I know that Not many people actually READ my blog.. Thanks to my non-stop ranting about SH*T that I think most of you find annoying...

Anyway, my point in posting this particular update is to actually keep you guys up-to-date with what's been going on around me.. Hahaha~~

1) New Season of the Year...
Yeah, spring is here (hence, the title.. DUH).. But, surprisingly, the weather is still cold as winter... Which sometimes makes me confused whether it is already spring or still winter... Anyhow, daylight saving in New Zealand will commence on the 25th September at exactly 1:59 am.. Once the clock strikes 2:00 am, we have to add another hour. So, instead of the clock striking 2, it will strike 3.. Which means MORE DAYLIGHT... And it struck me right through the heart when I notice that prayer times are changing almost DRASTICALLY... Not that I've never experienced it before, it's just that it still shocks me.. But the most exciting part of this is THE FLOWERS! Too bad I can't actually post them yet since I haven't transferred them from my iPod yet... But I will definitely put them up here.. Especially when the actual spring comes with flowers blooming EVERYWHERE~~

2) Rugby World Cup 2011
Yeah.. As most of you should know, the Rugby World Cup is held in New Zealand this year... I, for one, have never been a sports fan.. Especially one as aggressive as rugby.. But, after watching the match between England and Argentina, I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! And earlier (before I post this), I watched the game between New Zealand and Japan.. Yeah, as aggressive as the All Blacks, I watched it with passion! Even though I didn't understand the rules... hahaha~~ *yeah, I'm THAT pathetic*

3) House Problems..
This is where it actually get a little bit serious... Before I go on, I hope that everyone know that this is not just concerning me but everyone as well. Because I know I'm actually speaking on other people's behalf as well.  I, for one, am not a fan of smokers. But, hey, CAN'T AVOID THAT, right? So, I won't be ranting about this since I already did that and THAT DIDN'T GO WELL..
I just want to say that when it comes to sharing a house, one must be aware that sharing a house means LIVING TOGETHER IN A HOUSE. I mean, we wouldn't call each other HOUSEMATES if we are not living together, right? There are boundaries to what we do in the house and whatever we do, it actually concerns our housemates as well because if anything happens, you are not the only one to be blamed. The whole house gets the blame. And also, there are certain needs that each of the members would want to be fulfilled. So, if you are mad about something that the others are doing in the house, don't go about saying F*CK or SH*T and just shout.. Think first. Reflect.. Say to yourself "Did I do this as well?" Just because you didn't get to get a warm shower or have to pay the electric bill that is a wee little bit too expensive, doesn't mean that you have to blame the others. Be fair. You get angry when didn't get to have a nice, warm shower in the morning but you yourself takes a really WARM shower that makes the house STEAMS UP? You say that you didn't use THAT much electricity but you are using heaters to warm up your bedroom and the electric stove when you cook? You always ask people to actually tidy up after cooking or eating, but you yourself are too lazy to actually do the dishes, even after a duty roster is put up and you actually AGREED to it?
Just remember, when you get angry about something that YOU YOURSELF ARE DOING ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY, others are actually mad at you too for NOT REALIZING THAT. This does not just go to everyone, but to myself as well.. I'm just reflecting back on what's been happening and what I have heard from others...

So, remember.. Be respectful of others, and you'll get that respect back...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Been A While, I'm Still Here, As Lonely As Ever...

Hahaha... Yeah, title's a bit off, isn't it? But then, I wonder why I always feel this way..

Not to mention I have a lot of friends *really?* and they seem to come and go...

Still, in the middle of all these WTH stuff, there's a small silver lining.. And this is the part where I don't think you would want to read...

1) Newspaper...
Ha, for the 2nd time ever (yeah, 2ND), MY FACE WAS IN THE NEWSPAPER!! Hahaha!! *bragging much?*
This is because I actually sent a picture for this Salam Perantauan that Malaysian newspapers always have annually for people like me who are living/studying abroad to have an opportunity to send their love foe ALL THE WORLD TO SEE (well, just Malaysians, really).

And, luckily, my picture got in this year! Hehehe.. And my family, as proud as ever, took a pic and posted it on Facebook.. :p (click here to see it)

2) Raya Parcel...
Now this is the one thing that I can't brag about (apart from the one on top)... My mom sent me a parcel full of Raya goodies and it arrived earlier this week. I was, as always, happy with whatever my mom sent me... Makes me miss her even more... :(

3) Assignments During the Holidays...
Yeah, this is the part that actually bums me out (or rather, makes me fell a lil' bit happy).. Holidays are created for people to have a rest from their work/student life... And yet, for me (as well as my seniors and my fellow cohort mates), we have assignments that due exactly after the holidays... So, whether we like it or not, we have to do it.. But, hey! I'd rather have something to do during the holidays than just sit and Facebooking all day... LAME!

4) Raya in the Holidays...
Yeah, I think I can say that I'm quite lucky to be celebrating Raya during the holidays because from what I've heard, some people have experienced celebrating Raya while attending lectures and tutorials!! I can totally imagine myself wearing full Baju Melayu, going to class... Hehehehe... People will definitely turn their heads and give me THE WHAT-THE-HECK-ARE-YOU-WEARING LOOK.. Hahahaha... *proud of my culture*

Anyway, don't want to be talking nonsense too much.. Some people might find it BORING to even read my blog, not to mention LISTEN TO ME TALKING... *yeah, I annoy people easily*

Till the next post!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

The Post of Laziness~~

When it comes to Facebook, I'll definitely be one of those who LOG IN EVERY SINGLE DAY! But when it comes to blogging, I SUCK! Why? Coz I can easily forget that I even had not one, but TWO BLOGS!

Yeah, you read right.. I have two of them.. One is this, the other is for my so-called short novel (which is still not finished). Want to read it? Click here..

So, here I am, babbling again doing God-knows-what... haha.. Anyway, I actually said that I would update more on my trip that I went to during Easter break. Well, here goes..

1) Dunedin-Christchurch

I'm not exactly sure how to put this in words, but the view was SPECTACULAR! Especially when I went to the Moeraki Boulders and Oamaru... hmm.. I can't even describe it in words... You really have to come and see it on your own!

2) Christchurch

The aftermath really made me silent for almost the whole day. Seeing all the rubble and cracked roads and buildings made me realize that it could have happened at Dunedin where I was.. Made me cry that night on my way to Wellington...

3) Wellington (Welly)

Now this is where the fun starts, I guess.. Met some more new people and also a fellow TESLian friend in VUW! hehehe... Also, went to some interesting places around Wellington (although not very much to see). Rented a car and drove to our next destination in the evening..

4) Palmerston North (Palmy)
Second destination in North Island... Had fun at the wind farm, looking at the wind turbines... They are so big, I was afraid they might fall and crack me head open! haha.. Anyway, it was raining so we didn't get much photographs... Onto the next destination!

5) Taupo & Rotorua

Went to see one of the biggest lakes ever! Also went to Huka Falls which was SO AMAZING!!! Won't say much about this, though... Except for Rotorua... We had fun riding the Luge!!! EVEN IN THE RAIN!!! hahahaha~~ We were so crazy that time, we didn't care about the rain! LOL

6) Napier, Hastings, Welly, Christchurch

This is, by far one of the longest trips I've ever had. In one day, I travelled from Napier all the way to Christchurch non-stop! The only stop we had was waiting for our flight which was delayed for like 3 hours! Anyway, we had fun flying back to Christchurch and thank God, we safely arrived because Taupo blacked out the night before due to harsh winds and storm.

7) Christchurch-Dunedin

The route back is pretty much the same but we stopped by Timaru. We didn't went through Timaru when we were heading for Christchurch. It was a very nice trip!

Well, enough said... Pictures are as you can see above.. Sorry there's not much! Exam's coming on Monday so WISH ME LUCK!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Pictures (and some texts)...

KIA ORA!! That's how we Kiwis greet people.. hehe~~

Yeah, I've promised that I'll put up some pics here, right? Well, here goes!

First off, my university...

Yeah... Although this is not a recent picture (it was taken about two months ago), still it's worth it.. I mean, you guys can see it right? heheh..

Next up, my house!

Mine's on the left... And as you can see, very old-fashion right? But, the inside is AWESOME!! hahaha...

Anyway, can't post too many pictures... Will post up again next week, especially on my trips!

Till then,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Life so Far - Farm Trip, Assignments, Dunedin...

Hurmm... It's been quite a while since the last time I updated, isn't it? Well, I have my own reasons to not update.. One being too much assignments and limited internet connection (yes, LIMITED). Anyway, here's a little update of my life from my last update...

1) Classes
Adoi... Classes are, to be honest, FUN! I can't really believe it that I would enjoy the classes here as much as I enjoy my classes back in Batu Lintang (not being sarcastic here, OK!). And here, only the tutorials are compulsory since we need 80% of attendance in order to pass in the paper... So, lectures, we can skip them if we want to.. But so far, I've never skipped any lectures (YAY!).. I enjoy all of the classes, especially Drama and Intro to Arts & Science... Lecturers are SUPER COOL! We don't even refer to them like we usually refer our lecturers back in Malaysia.. We only call them by their first names (like Jeff, Steven, Sharon, etc.). How cool is that! hehe~~

2) Assignments
Hmm... This is the part where I might ramble non-stop about how hard it is being a TESOL student.. One MAJOR reason why I say this is because we rarely had tests.. JUST ASSIGNMENTS... Even our final exams at the end of the semester consists of no more than at least 3 papers... Like this semester, I only have 1 final exam... ONE.. FINAL.. EXAM... The rest? Solely dependent on the assignments (except for EDCR131 & EDCR132, from what I remember, we have an exam for those papers at the end of 2nd semester)... So, yeah.. Life as a future English teacher is pretty much stressful... TESOLians, do you agree with me? ^__^

3) Farm Trip
Haha! Amidst the stress and assignments and classes and crying (yes, I cried recently...), I actually went to a farm trip! We did a lot of stuff like de-lice the sheep, guard the sheep, look for wild deers, and feed the cows! Hehe.. Such fun we had! Hah.. Oh, another major news that you guys need to know about me is that I've been appointed as the Activities Officer II for OMSA (Otago Malaysian Students Association)! *ehem2* I'm so proud of myself! (haha)

Well, basically that's the update so far.. Tonight, I'll be attending the OUSA International Ball at Victoria Hotel.. Hmm.. Wonder how ball looks like.. hehe~~

Till the next time!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Life in NZ...

Hah! Been a while, isn't it? Well, truth be told, I'm still getting used to the life here in New Zealand (for those of you who doesn't know, I flew here on 10th February).

Summer's almost over (boo-hoo, right?) but classes have begun (WTF?!?!?) and honestly, I'm enjoying the classes!

NO, REALLY! I ENJOY THEM! Why you ask? Haha.. The first two weeks (no, three weeks) here were BORING... Even with the bus trip around Dunedin and the train trip to Middlemarch were not that tempting anymore... (Pictures, click HERE for bus trip and HERE for train trip)

Well, life here couldn't be any simpler... Thanks to my experiences (ehem!) living with my parents in Paris, I'm used to living overseas, or more importantly, living in a foreign country... But, as always, the trickiest part is helping others to cope and get used to the environment of drunk people, early sunrises and late sunsets (this is summer, NOT winter) and getting used to the prayer times..

Oh, speaking of prayer times... There's a mosque here in Dunedin! Well, it's not that big, but still, it can host up to a few hundred people at a time (pretty darn good for Friday prayers).. Apart from that, shopping malls and supermarkets are all in the walking distance..

Anyway, won't ramble much.. I will definitely post something again next week, showing you guys pictures instead of me rambling on and on.. haha..

Till the next post!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

New Zealand: The Preparation, The Excitement, The Boredom...

Haha... Most of you might be surprised at the last word on the title, right? I mean, who would be bored if they get the opportunity to go to a country they've never been to before? Well, I shall start from the beginning...

The Preparation...
I guess all I can actually say about this is that I'm only prepared MENTALLY... Because believe me, with the date drawing nearer and nearer, who won't be prepared??

Even with my mom yelling, "You're acting like you don't want to go... Don't you want to?", I'm still not fully prepared yet... Why, you ask? Well, let's see...

Let's just say I haven't exactly done anything yet... I mean, look at the picture! Haha.. The only things that I've prepared are shoes, gloves, hat, scarfs and winter coats... And those doesn't actually cover EVERYTHING yet...

Those are the only ones I can show 'cause the others are back at our old house in Parit Buntar.. Hehe.. Those shoes were bought in 2008 from what I can remember... They still fit me, same goes with the gloves and hat..

The Excitement...
Should I lie to you? 'Cause I'm not TOTALLY excited about this.. Because truth be told, I'm kinda nervous.. Especially after I went shopping for dry food to be mailed along with my books to NZ... Everything just seems too real for me.. Not to mention that I'm not going to live there with my mom and dad, but my friends... Hmm... I guess the excitement's not that strong.. Which brings me to the boredom...

The Boredom...
Hah.. Why I'm bored? I DON'T HAVE MUCH TO DO AT HOME apart from doing the laundry, tidy up the house a bit and catch up with some cleaning in my own room... Should I post a picture of how my bedroom look like? I don't think you would want to see it.. Hahaha~~

Anyway, I still am packing and trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is now about a week until departure to NZ... All I can say now is that I can't wait to go back to my dear old house in Parit Buntar... Seeing those familiar faces for the last time before departure... Hmm.. Makes me want to cry out loud...

Till the next post!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

2011: The Life So Far...

It's been a while since the last time I updated my blog, and truth be told, I don't exactly know what to write here anymore... Words of wisdom? I'm not worthy enough to actually ADVICE someone... haha...

Anyway, 2011 has started with a BANG and some HONKS for me, thanks to the fireworks in Lumut and also the harmonious honks of the warships in Naval Base, Lumut.. The celebration was done in a not-so-big-and-grand way at Wisma Samudera... hehe..

Oh, what else? Haha.. DRIVING LESSONS! Kinda lame, but yeah. I've just started taking driving lessons... Late, right? My own mistake, really coz I didn't take any driving lessons while waiting for the results of my college applications to come out... haha.. SILLY ME.. :p

Hmm... What else? Oh, LOTS AND LOTS OF READING! Which is actually a really good thing because that is a really good and healthy (and I mean 'healthy') way to actually spend your free time... I've finished Breaking Dawn, The 39 Clues #10, Pride & Prejudice, Northern Lights (The Golden Compass) and now I'm reading Chronicles of Nick: Infinity... After this? It's Inkheart Trilogy, which I will bring to New Zealand with me...

Also, we had our briefing earlier this week (18 & 19 Jan) and we've been told about our flight details... Wah, 3 more weeks and I'll be flying to New Zealand! AAAARRRGGGHH!!! Can't believe it that we actually flying there EARLY! I kinda expect we are flying on 15th and above coz we are registering on 28th Feb... I mean, why so early??? Hadoi...

And truth be told, I'm not actually ready yet to go there... There are still an abundance of things to do here, a lot more people to say goodbye to before I take off... Hmm... Guess time flies really fast, huh?

And speaking of time, I better stop here... I don't want to babble a lot about this.. Well, if I didn't update later this month, expect me to update from New Zealand!

Till then, have a good day/week/weekend!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin