Stop Blogging for 4 Days... Mock Exam... Lancelot Gobbo...

Stop blogging...

4 days...

Mock exam...

Lancelot Gobbo...

My life couldn't get any worse... My best friends suddenly abandoned me (dunno why). Struggling for mock exam, that's another story... And Lancelot Gobbo? It's my other blog here at

So, I will stop blogging to concentrate on my studies and exam, together with my never-ending assignments. But, don't worry. I'll be back on Thursday or Friday to tell you guys about my exam! As for Lancelot Gobbo, Chapter Seven is coming on Friday so don't miss that!

Au revoir, my friends! Wish me luck with the exams!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

A Must See Movie: City of Ember

A quick movie review before we enter back the miserable tale of my life...

Two kids: Doon and Lina are starting their first jobs as Pipeworks Labourer and Messenger in Ember, a city built underground. The city crumbles as time goes by due to the slowly destroying generator; the only source of power for Ember. When it starts to get worse, Lina's sister Poppy found a small metal box containg a piece of paper together with a pice of card with a unique symbol on it. Her grandmother says that the box was really important, but she couldn't remember why.

As Lina reensemble the torn papers in the box, she finds out that it contains instructions to exit Ember, as it is already falling apart. Together with Doon, they try to find a way out of Ember. Will they make it?

To me, this movie is almost like Terminator Salvation; except for the part that there are no robots involved. It is like telling us what will happen after Judgement Day, when the story begins with the quote "On the day the world ended, the fate of mankind was carried in a small, metal box." This box contains the instructions for the people of Ember, and was set to open after 200 years.

Just imagine we are living in a city built underground. What do you think will happen? How will we survive? "City of Ember" will tell you everything you needed in order to live underground, not that we want it, of course.

Don't forget to watch "City of Ember". You can also try to find the book that inspires the movie, entitled "The City of Ember" in bookstores near you. It is the first Book of Ember and the sequels to it are "The People of Sparks", "The Prophet of Yonwood" and "The Diamond of Darkhold", all written by Jeanne duPrau...

Happy a Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to all my friends who celebrated their birthday earlier this year!!!

Sheema, Ain, Yazid, Valentine, Enrico, Masyuri, Farah and many others!

Har har har...

Sorry for being a bit crazy here...

Third post in a single day, haizz...

I guess I'm just stressed, don't know what to do...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Earth Hour - Show That You Care!!!

28th March, 2009 - Earth Hour...

Show the world that you care for the Earth, our loving Earth that has been our place of living for millions of years and many more years to come. Show that you care for the future generations by turning off your lights for one, just ONE hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm...

Earth Hour has been launched in Australia in 2007 and has been an annual event every year. Each year, more and more countries around the world participates in this meaningful event. Turn off your lights!

For more information on Earth Hour, visit

Show the world that you care! Show your love!

Earth, I LOVE YOU!!!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Broadband... What's The Use???

What is the use of broadband? How can it make our life simpler?

Broadband, as we all may have known, is a way to connect to the Internet wirelessly by using your SIM card. It can also be used in a 3G mobile phone, or with a wireless modem for SIM card. It is really convinient to use because it can be used anytime, anywhere; as long as there is a signal...

But, there is a bad side to it, especially to those who love to download stuff... The broadband can actually copy someone else's IP address and eventually, you are sharing one with them. So, unfortunately for those who like to download via Rapidshare (free user, of course), you may not be able to download the files you wanted. This thing has happened to me quite a few times already and it totally SUCKS...

So, if you were to buy a broadband, do consider it if you are a MASSIVE DOWNLOADER... Is it worth it?

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Grammar Test...

Test, test, test...

Actually, it was not really a test. Just our assignment because Language Description does not have assignments that acquire us to do critical reviews and stuff like that. It is basically grammar. So, tests are our only assignment for this particular subject.

Just now, we had the first grammar assignment for this semester. Everyone was struggling in the exam hall. Too much to handle as our mock exams are next week. So, looks like we need to do more than we did just now, friends!

Anyway, good luck to all my friends for mock exams next week! Hope we get the best results and HOPEFULLY, no one FAILS!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

First Day Back... Classes, Cancelled or Not???

First day back with classes. Sunday night, I received a message from Margaret.

Hi everyone, there are a lot of things to inform you and PLEASE don't let me repeat myself OK? First, Mrs. Spasky will not be around but Friday she'll come to class. Mdm. Josephine will conduct a test on a date yet to be announced so be prepared. Mdm. Portia won't be around this week until Saturday. Givr me the answers for the unseen poem question she gave us if you want it marked tomorrow during Numerical Literacy. Mr. Montgomery won't be around as well and Mdm. Natalie won't be around on Wednesday and Thursday. Bring along your coursework task A to be handed in.

This morning, got another 2 messages that really confused me. One from Mdm. Portia and one from James.

Mdm. Portia:
Margaret and Hafiz, tell everyone I'll be taking Mrs. Spasky's classes. See you all at 7:30! Sorry, Margaret, I changed my mind!

James (about 20 minutes later):
Mdm. Portia just called. Classes at 8:00 a.m. Mrs. Spasky's classroom. Please spread the word.

So, to end my confusion, I went to class at exactly 7:30 a.m after informing Mdm. Portia where the class is. When I went there, nobody was there (as everyone just got the message). Then, out of the blue, Mdm. Portia arrived. Surprised to see me alone, she asked me.

Mdm. Portia: Hafiz, where are the others? Why are you alone?

Hafiz: I got your message. Then, James sent me another telling everybody that your class is at 8:00.

Mdm. Portia: No, no, no! 7:30 a.m... Call them now. Tell them if they are not here by 8:00, I'll just go back.

Called James, texted everybody that the class was at 7:30. Everybody was rushing with James feeling all guilty. Poor James... Hope he is all well now.

Back in IPGM-KBL... What to do?

So, as what my previous 'hideous' blog, I'm back in IPGM-KBL... But, there's one problem... What to do?

1) Study, study, study...
2) Relax and play all day long...
3) Go to POPULAR bookstore, Boulevard and look for 'The 39 Clues Book 3: The Sword Thief'...
4) Read 'Much Ado About Nothing' by William Shakespeare...
5) Read 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee...
6) Reread 'The Merchant of Venice' by William Shakespeare...

What do you guys think?

Kami Balik ke Batu Lintang Lagi... (We Are Coming Back to Batu Lintang Again...)

Hehehe... The institute's song is one of my favourites. Why? Everytime we sing it, the last part of the song is always right, or correct; especially during the holidays.

The last part of the song was:

"Kau dengar Gunung Matang memanggil kami,
Kami balik ke Batu Lintang lagi"

It clearly says that we are going back to Batu Lintang, no matter what! (except for KPLI students and those who have finished their course) Still, if you were to be a lecturer, chances that you will be posted in Batu Lintang Teacher Trainees Institute is really high.

So, whatever happens to us IPGM-KBL students, we will always hold on to the ending of the song...

So, IPGM-KBL, I'll be back tomorrow!

"Kami balik ke Batu Lintang lagi..."

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

PLKN and Mock Exam...

Exam, Exam, Exam...

Why PLKN? Why Exam???

PLKN = My brother just went there this morning (20th March)... A bit sad he's not around anymore... Alone... (Lonely, I'm so lonely, I got nobody, On my own, OOOHH!!!) For me, it is a bit less fortunate because I'm so quiet when he's not around... Fight, shouting and other things that leads to an argument are all gone... Huhu... Bro, have fun in Kem PLKN White Resort, Balik Pulau, Penang!

Exam = Mock exams are coming up on 30th March... Oh, God! Study, study, study... Also, a Language Description will be held after this holiday... So, more and more exams are coming! Also, not forgetting pop quizzes by my favourite English Studies lecturer... Study, study, study...

Why the repetition of the same words? Guess on your own... Huhu...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

Back Home... Good or Bad?

Aahh... Home Sweet Home. It is of course a good thing when you go back home after you left it for several days (or in my case, months). Some people would say "I miss you, my home!" and some would even say "I can't wait to go back!". But for me, life is not entirely as in "I miss you, home!" or "I can't wait to go back!" or any other quotations that says I miss my hometown, or home.

Why? Would you be happy if you go back home, alone? Or, if you are not alone, will you be happy if your parents are not around? Some would say "Yes! I can do whatever I want!" and some would say "No, I really miss them; a LOT!" and for me, it is the second quotation that made me feel lonely, even though my siblings are around.

If my parents were reading this, I miss you a lot. And I LOVE YOU, MUM AND DAD!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

1:15 a.m
Parit Buntar, Perak

Huhu... Tiresome Day...

Assignments!!! When will they end? Of course we will get assignments as we stay on our course of study...

My second assignment was finished last night, handed in today, with a dramatization to perform in the next few weeks... Mock exams are coming, so need to study hard... Arrgghh!!!!!

Change - Possible or Not?

Considering the title, I was wondering; can I change?

I've been very bad lately, commited a lot of sins... I don't have to tell you what sins I have commited. Let that be a matter between me and God. Just wondering, can I change?

The feeling of wanting to change is inside me, but I still do all this bad things. Can I change?

Do tell me or give opinions, or rather, advices so that I can stop being worse than I already am...

Ball on the Face!

Have you ever played football (or as the Americans call it soccer)? I can bet almost everyone in this world (excluding the new born babies and those who are already dead) have played it, at least once. It is a really interesting game, football. But it can be dangerous as well.

I guess all of you should have known what I'm talking about when you guys see the title of my blog. Surprising isn't it? But, that's what had happened to me about three weeks ago (before I created this blog).

I have forgotten about it, actually. But, when I saw Michael kicking the ball, the very ball that I'm talking about, the one that I'll tell the story right in the next paragraph, it really made me remember it back. Oh, God!

It was way past evening, as in dawn, and I was walking back to my room from my friend's room after discussing about something that is almost as boring as an encyclopedia telling you about the water cycle. That time, there are some boys, including Emerson, playing football at the foyer of the hostel. I was walking away from them, carefully avoiding myself from the playing crowd when Emerson kicked the ball, sadly, towards me, and it hit me right in the face.

I can also bet everyone who are reading this (excluding new born babies and those who are already dead) have face humiliation in public. It is such a shame to be kicked in the face with a ball, and eventually, everyone - and I mean everyone - will definitely laugh at you.

So, that's what happened to me about three weeks ago. Of course, Emerson had apologize to me, but I can never forget that particular evening, or dawn.

Scolded by Mrs. Spasky...

This is not so unfortunate, I might say. But still, it's for my own good...

Mrs. Spasky: Hafiz, look at your quiz paper & re-sit paper... Tell me what's wrong with them.

Hafiz: Word class...

Mrs. Spasky: Do you want me to consult you to Mdm. Josephine (not a real name)?

Hafiz: No.

Mrs. Spasky: Then I think you know what you should do.

Hafiz: Yes. Thank you, Mrs. Spasky. I'll see you in class this Friday.

Basically, she told me about my weaknesses. Luckily, there are no other students there. Otherwise, I would be humiliated...

What a day, A TERRIBLE DAY!!!

I think only God knows how I felt today... Too many things happened at the same time. Some of them I won't mention here, but there are certain things that I should said out loud since Margaret (not a real name) told me about my weaknesses. But, I won't tell it straight away. I'll tell them based on what had really happened to me.

Hafiz: Ally (not a real name), how's our assignment for Numerical Literacy? Is it done, or do I need to do something else?

Ally: (in an angry way) You did the introduction wrongly! I have to do it over again! Haiyo!

Hafiz: I did it wrongly?

Ally: (after taking out the assignment) This is how an introduction should look like!

Do we have to correct other people's mistakes in that manner? Or should we do it like how Margaret did to me earlier this year?

Margaret: Hafiz, I think you should know this. I think you are taking your group members for granted.

Hafiz: What makes you say that?

Margaret: Your 'Phrasal Verb' presentation just now. You were reading it through Ginny's (not a real name) work. What about your part? Where is it?

Hafiz: I did my part. It's just that I forgot to put in sentences as examples for the phrasal verbs. That's why I read it through Ginny's work. I did my part. But, I don't want to be scolded by Mrs. Spasky (not a real name).

Margaret: Oh, it's okay. Next time, do it properly, okay?

Hafiz: Okay. Thanks, Margaret.

Your pick; Margaret's way or Ally's way?

The 39 Clues - Review on the books...

Hmm... Another book review, another series. This time, a new one! It's not ended yet, but still, why not make a review out of it?

The 39 Clues - A new series from Scholastic, published in a 10-book series (book 3 coming out 4th March) and it is as good as Harry Potter, Narnia, Twilight, & A Series of Unfortunate Events. A story about children for children you can never leave out of your reading list!

It is a story about two siblings; Amy and Dan Cahill who lost their grandmother, Grace Cahill. When Grace's lawyer read her last will and testament, they realized that they are a part of the most powerful family in the history of the world. They are given two choices; one million dollars or a clue to the source of the Cahill family's power. The source of power is hidden in an assortment of 39 clues, scattered around the world. If you were Amy and Dan, you would take the clue and begin a dangerous adventure to discover something that might destroy human civilization.

The 39 Clues, a must-read series by Scholastic. If you are between the ages 6-14, you may enter the contest based on the book. The grand prize is US$100,000!!!

For more information, click here.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Review on the books...

Hmm... Wonder what can I say about this particular 'unfortunate' series of books. I haven't finished reading the whole series yet, but I think I can tell you something about it...

First of all, it is for young readers. But, that doesn't mean that adults can't read it... It is suitable for all ages, even though it is for young adults or kids.

The story? As we all know, it is a story about the lives of the three Baudelaire orphans; Violet, Klaus & Sunny who lost their parents in a mysterious fire that has destroyed their entire home. Their unfortunate events begins at their first guardian's house, Count Olaf. He's after the Baudelaire fortune that the Baudelaire parents had left behind. The series continued as the Baudelaire orphans moved from a guardian to the next, with Count Olaf following them in disguises... Want to know what happened to them? Read the books!

The series have also been made into a movie, using the first three books in the series (The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room & The Wide Window). If you have watched the movie, that's just the BEGINNING of the unfortunate events on the Baudelaire orphans. Go and buy the books!!! It's really amazing and the writer (Lemony Snicket) kept telling the readers to STOP reading because it is so sad, you might want to cry (which is actually the opposite, because I kept laughing at the descriptions).