A Tribute to Friends - Part 2

Hmm... Here's part two... I know that I've promised to write about 4 friends here, but now I can't seem to put my fingers on the other 3, because basically, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GOOD PEOPLE!

Huh, where to start, ek? I wonder...

1) Zariq
Well, this particular person is already mentioned in my previous entry... So, what else is there to write??

2) Felicity
Hah! This is the ONE person apart from my lecturers who dares enough to come face-to-face and tell me about my weaknesses. I still remember what she actually told me:

"Hafiz, you shouldn't use your group members to do your job for you.. You must contribute as well."
Well, Felis, thanks to you, I've learnt my lesson! Truth be told, I actually did my work that time (I'm sure you know when) and, I didn't share it because I didn't include examples, which I know Mrs. Lim would be furious at! Huhu.. (Correct my grammar if it's wrong anywhere.. hehehe) Oh, and she's also very good in making sure we are behaving in a very good manner, although some might find it a bit annoying.. Thanks, Felis!

3) Zai Qurratu 'Ainie
Hah, this particular sister... I'm not really sure what to talk about this particular person... Apart from being a very good listener and advisor, her special talent is FASHION! Hehe.. Zariq, this doesn't mean I'm not looking up to you! Hehe... She's a person who follows fashion and ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE with it.. She even keeps us up-to-date with fashion! Hehe... Because of her (and Zariq, of course!), I know what to where and HOW to wear those clothes... Hehehe... Oh, did I mention she also provided me with some TV series before? Well, that was before my Internet connection got slow.. Hehehe...

4) Barbara Jane
Now, this is a girl that any guy would be lucky to have as a girlfriend... Wanna know why? She's very kind, very attractive, and she's caring! She's always there for me whenever I'm down (it's not just Zariq who really care about my feelings =p) and she's also very helpful.. She's saved my butt a lot of times before... And, she's a very good listener too! She never judge people and she's one who keeps a secret really well.. If I can't tell Zariq about it, Jane is my shoulder to cry on... Jane, thanks for being there for me.. I'll always do the same for you!

Well, more to come tomorrow (or some time in the future).. But for now, these four are on my top list as VERY GOOD FRIENDS! Zariq, Felicity, Zai, Jane, I THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND...

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin

A Tribute to Friends - Part 1

Well, I've been beaten up thinking of what to write (or blog) about here. Well, truth be told, this holiday has again been one of the most memorable holidays ever. My family and I spent some time together in the past 2 weeks.. Photos will be on my Facebook page. But now, let's focus on the main title of this post..

Why a tribute? Well, since I've been living in Kuching alone for 2 years now, friends are the closest thing I've got to family. I love them very much. But, there are few who made it to my top list. I'll be writing about 4 friends here. So, there'll be 4 parts of this blog. More coming up!

Who's on top? Haha.. Jeng jeng jeng!!

His name's Zariq Farhan... He's from the town of Semenyih, Selangor.. Why is he on top?? There are a few reasons why...

1) A Good Friend
For someone like me, Zariq understands me a lot.. And I mean A LOT! I'm pretty much of a loner back in Kuching, so he always asks me if I want to go out (and usually, I just tag along). Even though he sometimes didn't invite me (and I know for sure why), whenever I need him, he's always ready to help me (if he's not busy, that is).

He is a person of great talents & has a very unique attitude and personality. He's very friendly, funny, likes to gossip, and sometimes very spontaneous. For someone like Zariq, he sure knows how to keep secrets.. He even keeps some from me! Haha.. Zariq, you understand me too well!

2) A Great Leader
Now, I can't really brag about this part of Zariq.. Because you have to see it for yourself! When given a task, Zariq always did it in a way that most people doesn't expect him to do. Sometimes, it seems like it is out of his hands! And whenever he needs help, he always gets it easily... Why? Go back to point 1 on the part "very friendly" and you got it! You see, Zariq really knows how to kick start a conversation that would seem never-ending! How do you think he's got a huge number of friends! I don't even know how many he's got! Okay, that's out of the point.. Leader, now that's the point I'm trying to talk about.. Gosh! Anyway, Zariq always lead his group in his own, funny & strict way. He's very serious about his work, very concern about the people in his group. He always ask his group members about the task at hand. And that's why sometimes, his group has the BEST TEAMWORK ever! I'm not kidding! You can ask a lot of people in our campus and they'll tell you the same thing..

Well, most of the points I want to talk about are already in the two points above.. So, basically, Zariq is a very nice person, a very good brother, and a great friend to have. Anyway, Zariq, this post is definitely for you.. I can't stop myself from writing more about you, but I know you don't really like babbling or bragging..


With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin