Life so Far - Farm Trip, Assignments, Dunedin...

Hurmm... It's been quite a while since the last time I updated, isn't it? Well, I have my own reasons to not update.. One being too much assignments and limited internet connection (yes, LIMITED). Anyway, here's a little update of my life from my last update...

1) Classes
Adoi... Classes are, to be honest, FUN! I can't really believe it that I would enjoy the classes here as much as I enjoy my classes back in Batu Lintang (not being sarcastic here, OK!). And here, only the tutorials are compulsory since we need 80% of attendance in order to pass in the paper... So, lectures, we can skip them if we want to.. But so far, I've never skipped any lectures (YAY!).. I enjoy all of the classes, especially Drama and Intro to Arts & Science... Lecturers are SUPER COOL! We don't even refer to them like we usually refer our lecturers back in Malaysia.. We only call them by their first names (like Jeff, Steven, Sharon, etc.). How cool is that! hehe~~

2) Assignments
Hmm... This is the part where I might ramble non-stop about how hard it is being a TESOL student.. One MAJOR reason why I say this is because we rarely had tests.. JUST ASSIGNMENTS... Even our final exams at the end of the semester consists of no more than at least 3 papers... Like this semester, I only have 1 final exam... ONE.. FINAL.. EXAM... The rest? Solely dependent on the assignments (except for EDCR131 & EDCR132, from what I remember, we have an exam for those papers at the end of 2nd semester)... So, yeah.. Life as a future English teacher is pretty much stressful... TESOLians, do you agree with me? ^__^

3) Farm Trip
Haha! Amidst the stress and assignments and classes and crying (yes, I cried recently...), I actually went to a farm trip! We did a lot of stuff like de-lice the sheep, guard the sheep, look for wild deers, and feed the cows! Hehe.. Such fun we had! Hah.. Oh, another major news that you guys need to know about me is that I've been appointed as the Activities Officer II for OMSA (Otago Malaysian Students Association)! *ehem2* I'm so proud of myself! (haha)

Well, basically that's the update so far.. Tonight, I'll be attending the OUSA International Ball at Victoria Hotel.. Hmm.. Wonder how ball looks like.. hehe~~

Till the next time!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin