A Simple Smile Can Brighten Someone's Day...

As simple as that, a lot of people need to smile... MORE!

I was walking around town this afternoon and what I see is a lot of faces... STRESSED FACES... So, what I always do is whenever someone looked at me (whether I know them or not), I always smile at them to show that there's nothing to worry about, that everything is going to be just fine.. I don't mind if they don't smile back, I just want them to know that someone cares..

However, as much as I try to brighten people's day, there are a lot if people who are total arseholes.. I mean, if for obvious reasons that you know me, do smile back or at least say 'Hi'.. But, instead, they just walk past me as if I don't exist..

Take this example: I was walking by Union Lawn when I saw a girl wearing the OMSA T-shirt.. So, I smiled at her because I know she is a member of the association.. But instead of smiling back, she just walk away like that didn't happen at all... What's wrong with smiling? It's not a disease.. It's a gift from God...

So to all of you dear readers, whenever someone is looking at you, just smile at them and show them that everything's going to be okay... Who knows, maybe God will give you something in return.. :)

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin