A Year Has Passed... What Happened?

It has been a year and a week since I last updated this blog.... And now, here we are.. Another rant for you all to enjoy...

What has happened over the past year? Well...

1) NZ Graduation (30th November 2013)
This was, literally, the 2nd best day of my life! Even though my parents were not able to make it there with me, at least they gave me a chance to experience the uniqueness of the graduation ceremony in Dunedin... And let me tell you: being back in NZ after a year was like a dream... Walking past those familiar shops and streets, looking back at the places I've been and stayed was like walking down memory lane.. And the best part was meeting old friends and lecturers!

Yeemin, Naserah, myself and Loh Chuan Tuck

Adam, myself and Kah Yenn

Bellina and I

Proud degree holder~

With Freddy, Jane, and Dulcie

With Dulcie and Freddy

In front of the clocktower

Yazid, Shah and I receiving our degrees

2) Interview and stuff
After the graduation ceremony, comes the long unemployment period... And after I was done with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran Malaysia (SPP) interview, I went along to being temp teachers to two schools.. Both were secondary schools, both offered me to teach different subjects, both have their own students' problems. I won't say much on that but as far as I was concerned, primary school is nothing compared to secondary school..

3) Posting!
On April 1st, we all got our posting i.e our first placement as a full-fledged teacher.. And surprise, surprise.. I got sent to the deep jungle! Although not as deep as some of my friends and not as far away as some others too, my school is a category 1 of the rural areas.. I won't say the name of the school but more of the experiences to come!

4) Malaysian Graduation (10th June 2014)
Being in a twinning programme means one thing: double graduation!! And our graduation in Malaysia was super fun too (although, not as exciting as the NZ one) and this time, my parents get to be a part of it!

With some of my dear friends

With Diana and my mom


Well, that is all for this post... More to come on my school experiences so, stay tuned!

With all due respect,
Hafiz Khairuddin


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the good old times we had. New environment, new people, new attitude - all can never be the same.